American Gladiators Information and Awards
Syndication: September 9, 1989- September 14, 1997
USA (cable): January 4, 1993- October 8, 1993, June 27, 1994- September 8, 1995, July 1, 1996- September 13, 1996 (USA broadcasts were repeats of previous series)
The New TNN (cable): June 3, 2002- August 10, 2003 (repeats of previous series)
Spike TV (cable, formerly The New TNN): August 11, 2003-present (repeats of previous series)

Four Point Entertainment/ Trans World International/ Samuel Goldwyn Television

Mike Adamle (1989-1997)
Joe Theismann (1989)
Todd Christensen (1989-1990)
Larry Csonka (1990-1993)
Lisa Malosky (1993-1995)
Dan Clark ("Nitro") (1995-1997)

Bob McElwee (1989)
Larry Thompson (1990-1997)

Universal Studios, Hollywood, California (1989-1991)
CBS/MTM Studios, Los Angeles, California (1991-1997)
National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England (1994- "International Gladiators")

Awards/ Nominations:
21st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (1993-1994)
Won the Award for Outstanding Direction in a Game/Audience Participation Show: Bob Levy

22nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (1994-1995)
Nominated for Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show
Nominated for Outstanding Directing in a Game/Audience Participation Show: Bob Levy

Memorabilia/ Special Events:
Toys based on the show released around 1990
Fan club started
Music soundtrack released
A Live Tour traveled around the U.S. (1991)

Some information gathered from The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows- 3rd Edition and The Complete Directory to Primetime Network and Cable TV Shows (1946-present).
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