Jeff's Game Show Tape Trading

Rules: These are my trading guidelines:
1. I will not trade for money, it's ILLEGAL.
2. Any tape is up for trade, except when listed otherwise (e.g. problems with the original tape).
3. I'll send my tapes Priority Mail, I suggest you do the same. I've always had good experiences with it, it's quick, it's cheap, and it's convenient.
4. I prefer equal time trades, for example, 3 hours for 3 hours.
5. Have fun, and I hope to trade with you soon!

If you want to trade, e-mail me at!

My Want List:
The Price Is Right (Barker or Cullen)
Press Your Luck
Double Dare (Nick version)
Any 50's, 60's, or 70's shows w/ original commercials, if possible
Any obscure shows or pilots

Trade History (as of 6/19/08)

Thanks to the following traders for adding to my collection:

In chronological order:
Kavita Ahluwalia (1 trade)
Mark Malinovsky (1 trade)
Lucas Hannon (4 trades)
Russ Scottfield (5 trades)
Andrew Hersh (1 trade)
Mickey Stevens (2 trades)
Ian Wallis (1 trade)
Paul D. (1 trade)
Steven Thomas (1 trade)
Jamie Locklin (2 trades)
David Barkow (1 trade)
Tanim Hussain (1 trade)
Tony Antonopoulos (1 trade)
Jeff Leeper (1 trade)
Leonard S. (1 trade)
Greg Garsten (1 trade)
Chris Clark (1 trade)
Derrick Anderson (1 trade)
Brian W. Moore (1 trade)
Vernon Metcalf (1 trade)
Ian McLinn (1 trade)
Frank Dunat (1 trade)
Richie Skinner (1 trade)
Trent McSwain (1 trade)
Paul Freeman (1 trade)