KEY: GSN- Game Show Network SYN- aired in syndication B&W- Black and White OC- Includes at least one original commercial
SV- Shokus Video KINE- KineVideo DVD- Episode is on a DVD, not a tape [...]- Tape not yet numbered or tape number unknown

KA- Kavita Ahluwalia
DA- Derrick Anderson
TA- Tony Antonopoulos
DB- David Barkow
CC- Chris Clark
PD- Paul D.
FD- Frank Dunat
BF- Brad Francini
PF- Paul Freeman
GG- Greg Garsten
LH- Lucas Hannon
AH- Andrew Hersh
TH- Tanim Hussain
JLE- Jeff Leeper
JL- Jamie Locklin
MM- Mark Malinovsky
IM- Ian McLinn
TM- Trent McSwain
VM- Vernon Metcalf
BM- Brian W. Moore
RS- Russ Scottfield
RSK- Richie Skinner
LS- Leonard S.
MS- Mickey Stevens
ST- Steve Thomas
IW- Ian Wallis

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1 vs. 100 (NBC)- Host: Bob Saget (4 episodes)
A neat new show, which pits one contestant against "the mob", a group of 100 people, and if the player eliminates them all, they win $1M!

Premiere ep. from 10/13/06 [...] OC
3rd ep. from 10/27/06 [...] OC
4th ep. from 11/3/06 [...] OC
5th ep. from 11/10/06 [...] OC

100% (SYN)- Host: Casey Kasem (1 episode)
Dull quiz show, where 3 contestants answer trivia questions, and there's no host, just a voiceover!

1998 ep., Dave vs. Andy vs. Rhoda (from studio master) [BF3.1]

THE $1.98 BEAUTY SHOW (SYN)- Host: Rip Taylor (1 episode)
Contestants compete to win the crown and $1.98.

General ep. from 1978 [GS21.4] GSN

ANYBODY CAN PLAY (ABC)- Host: George Fenneman (1 episode)
Contestants play over four weeks to win $10,000.

General ep. from 1958 [RS12.9] B&W OC

ANYONE CAN WIN (CBS)- Host: Al Capp (1 episode)
Four panelists compete to win $2000 to be split among those audience members who picked them to win.

Ep. from 1953, w/ Wendy Barrie, Jackie Cooper, et al. [AH1.2] B&W OC

THE BABY GAME (ABC)- Host: Richard Hayes (1 episode)
Couples predict how babies will react in certain situations.

Episode from 1968, includes a children's doctor segment from a local station at the end. Odd! [SV #872, SV DVD #116] SV B&W OC

BEAT THE CLOCK (CBS/ABC/SYN)- Hosts: Bud Collyer, Jack Narz (9 episodes)
A classic stunt show, where couples have the time of their life playing against time, for big time prizes!

Halloween ep. from 1951 [SV #315] SV B&W OC
Episode from 11/23/53 [SV DVD #317] SV B&W OC DVD
Ep. from 1955 w/Bob Kennedy hosting for Bud, bonus at $600 [GS30.3] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1955 w/Bob Kennedy hosting for Bud, bonus at $700 [GS35.3] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1955 w/Bob Kennedy hosting for Bud, bonus at $800 [GS35.5] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1955, with the bonus up to $10,000 [TVG DVD 1.1] OC B&W
Ep. from 1956, with the Super Bonus jackpot up to $53,000! [SV DVD #320] SV B&W OC DVD
Ep. from 1960, with a $20,100 bonus stunt win! [RS2.11] B&W OC
Narz ep. from 1972?, w/guest Louis Nye [VM1.13] GSN

BEAT THE ODDS (KTLA-Los Angeles)- Hosts: Mike Stokey, Dennis James (2 episodes)
Contestants form words from letters spun on wheels, hopefuly avoiding "Sammy the Whammy".

Stokey ep. from 1962 [SV DVD #957] SV B&W OC DVD
James ep. from 1962 [SV DVD #988] SV B&W

THE BIG PAYOFF (???)- Host: Bob Paige (1 episode)
A show where husbands win fashions for their wives.

PILOT from 1960 [SV DVD #116] SV B&W DVD

THE BIG SHOWDOWN (ABC)- Host: Jim Peck (2 episodes)
Players get a chance to roll the dice for $10,000!

PILOT from 1974, Nancy vs. Bob vs. Elaine [LS1.1]
Ep. from 1975, Andy vs. Mike vs. Diane (fair audio and video) [RS1.1]

BINGO AT HOME (WABD, New York)- Host: Monty Hall (1 episode)
A boring game, where contestants at home try to win prizes by playing "Bingo" at home.

General ep. from 1955 [SV DVD #312] SV B&W OC DVD

BLACKOUT (CBS)- Host: Bob Goen (1 episode)
Teams try to censor, or "Blackout" their opponents' descriptions in order to guess a puzzle.

Ep. from the premiere week (1988), w/Charlie Siebert & Markie Post [LS1.15] OC

BLANKETY BLANKS (ABC)- Host: Bill Cullen (1 episode)
Solve riddles by filling in the "Blankety Blanks"!

Premiere ep. from 1975 w/Anne Meara and William Shatner (fair video, includes slate) [ST1.4]

BLOCKBUSTERS (NBC)- Host: Bill Cullen (2 episodes)
A puzzle game with a hexagonal shaped board, with a solo player and a family pair trying to win the $5,000 Gold Rush!

1980 ep., Georgia vs. Joe and Tom (garbled audio) [BF7.7] GSN
Final ep. from 4/23/1982 [GS3.6] GSN

BODY LANGUAGE (CBS)- Host: Tom Kennedy (2 episodes)
A charades game where players guess words in order to solve a puzzle and go for $10,000!

Ep. from 1985, w/Shelley Smith and Roger E. Mosley, Johnny Olson cameo [RS10.7] OC
Final ep. from 1/3/1986, Celebs: Vicki Lawrence, Ted Lange [GS3.4] GSN

BREAK THE BANK (ABC)- Host: Bert Parks (2 episodes)
Couples answer tough questions in order to break the bank and take home the loot!

Ep. from 1955, a $1300 bank is broken [SV #315] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1956, with the bank at $2700 [TVG DVD 1.2] OC B&W

BREAK THE BANK (SYN)- Host: Joe Farago (1 clip)

Bonus round clip, with a $22,000 win! [BF8.6]

CAESAR'S CHALLENGE (NBC)- Host: Ahmad Rashad (1 episode)
Unscramble words at Caesars Palace to win some dough!

General ep. from 1993, Mike vs. Janice vs. Doug (fair video) [ST1.1]

CAN YOU TOP THIS? (SYN)- Host: Wink Martindale (1 episode)
Comedians tell home viewers' jokes in order to get the biggest laugh.

Ep. from 1970, w/Richard Dawson, Morey Amsterdam, Jack Carter, and Paul Winchell (includes slate & promo at end) [SV #911] SV B&W

CARD SHARKS (NBC/CBS)- Host: Jim Perry, Bob Eubanks (3 episodes)
Contestants guess whether a card is higher or lower than the previous card, and up to $32,000 can be won!

Perry premiere from 1978 [CC DVD 1.4] GSN
Ep. from 1988, 1st game: Kerry at the Money Cards [RS8.2] OC
Final ep. from 1989 [GS3.8] GSN

CELEBRITY BOWLING (SYN)- Host: Jed Allan (1 episode)
Celebs bowl to win prizes for the studio audience.

Ep. from 1976 w/Tom Kennedy, Richard Deacon, Ed Ames, and McLean Stevenson (missing opening) [RS10.8] OC

THE CELEBRITY GAME (CBS)- Host: Carl Reiner (2 episodes)
Celebrities are posed a question, and the contestants have to decide how they will answer.

Ep. from 1964 w/ Lee Marvin, Connie Stevens, Mickey Rooney, and others [SV #841] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1964 w/ Paul Lynde, Fabian, Jack E. Leonard, Julie Newmar, et al. (w/slate) [SV DVD #977] SV B&W

CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES (NBC)- Host: Jim McKrell (1 episode)
Contestants place wagers on celebs whom they think will have the right answers.

Final ep. from 1976, w/Debralee Scott, Alan Sues, Nipsey Russell, et al. (w/slate) [RS8.1]

THE CHAIR (ABC)- Host: John McEnroe (1 episode)
Contestants have to stay below their target heart rate in order to win $250K!

Ep. from 2002 w/ the only $250,000 win! (no end credits) [BM1.4]

THE CHALLENGERS (SYN)- Host: Dick Clark (1 episode)
A show similar in format to Jeopardy!

Invitational Tournament Finals ep. from 1991, Lorin vs. Jule vs. Chris [CC DVD 1.1]

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (ABC)- Host: Dennis James (1 episode)
Three performers vie for a chance at winning $1,000 and booking at a nightclub.

General ep. from 1955 [SV DVD #312] SV B&W OC DVD

CLASSIC CONCENTRATION (NBC)- Host: Alex Trebek (3 episodes)
Updated version of the classic.

The "Wild" premiere ep. from 1987 (fair video, mainly in B&W) [LH1.3]
Ep. from 1987, 1st game: Glenn vs. Sandra [VM1.11] OC
Ep. from 1990, 1st game: Carrie vs. Jeff [RSK1.7] OC

CONCENTRATION (NBC/SYN)- Host: Hugh Downs, Bob Clayton, Jack Narz (8 episodes)
A rebus-solving game where memorization is key!

1958 ep., Robert vs. Walter (timecode at bottom of screen) [BM1.10] B&W OC
1963 Challenge of Champions ep., Art vs. Nettie [RS3.3] B&W OC
1963 C. of Champs Finals, Day 1, Ralph vs. Art [RS3.4] B&W OC
1963 C. of Champs Finals, Day 2, Ralph vs. Art [RS3.5] B&W OC
1963 C. of Champs Finals, Art wins the championship [SV DVD #977] SV B&W OC
A "Challenge of Champions" ep. from 1967, Dorothy vs. Clara [SV #302] SV B&W OC
Clayton Christmas ep. w/Hugh Downs & Joe Garagiola from 12/24/69 (fair video) [RS1.5] B&W OC
General Narz ep. from 1978 (fair video) [LH2.2]

CONCENTRATION (7 Network-Australia)- Host: Mike Hammond (8 episodes)

8 episodes from 1997, a few with car wins! [BF2.1-8]

CRAM (GSN)- Host: Graham Elwood (1 episode)
Contestants try to stay up for 24 hours and study material given to them to try and win $10,000!

Premiere of Celebrity Cram from 6/15/03, w/ Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen from the Brady Bunch [GS40.4] OC GSN

CROSSWORD (???)- Host: George Fenneman (2 episodes)
Pilot for what later would become the 70's crossword style game "Cross Wits".

1966 PILOT with Paul Lynde and Tippi Hedren [SV #804] SV
Another 1966 PILOT w/Carolyn Jones and Michael Landon [SV DVD #116] SV DVD

THE DATING GAME (ABC)- Host: Jim Lange (1 episode)
Bachelors and bachelorettes seek their perfect match.

Dick Martin, Rip Taylor, and Desi Arnaz, Jr. all are bachelors [GS21.5] GSN

DEAL OR NO DEAL (NBC)- Host: Howie Mandel (1 episode)
Contestants open up suitcases one at a time, seeing if the one they picked holds $1,000,000!

General ep. from 10/20/06 [...] OC

DEAL OR NO DEAL (Channel 7-Australia)- Host: Andrew O'Keefe (1 episode)

Ep. from 2005 with a $100,000 win! (audio/video slightly out of sync) [ST1.11] OC

DEBT (Lifetime)- Host: Wink Martindale (1 episode)
Three people with spending problems try to answer trivia questions, and go home with their bills payed off!

Ep. from 1997, Ryan vs. Lynda vs. Robert [PD1.4]

DEFINITION (CTV-Canada)- Host: Jim Perry (1 episode)
Contestants solve puns in this "Wheel of Fortune" variant.

General ep. from 1985, 1st game: Victoria vs. Joanne [TM1.2] OC

DO YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE? (CBS)- Host: Edgar Bergen (4 episodes)
Couples decide whether they trust themselves or their partner in order to answer questions.

Episode from 1956 [SV #313] SV B&W OC
Another episode from 1956 [SV DVD #301] SV B&W OC DVD
A third episode from 1956 [TVG DVD 3.1] OC B&W
Ep. from 7/24/56 [SV DVD #321] SV B&W OC DVD

DOCTOR I.Q. (ABC)- Host: Tom Kennedy (1 episode)
Contestants win silver dollars by answering questions correctly!

Ep. from 1958, w/ABC promos in between the show [SV DVD #320] SV B&W OC DVD

DOLLAR A SECOND (ABC)- Host: Jan Murray (1 episode)
Contestants win $1 for every second they're on the show, but lose it all if the "outside event" occurs!

Episode from 1955, a running train is the "outside event" [SV #310] SV B&W OC

DOTTO (NBC)- Host: Jack Narz (1 episode)
A quiz where answering correctly connects dots that make up a picture of a famous person.

Ep. from 1958, 1st game: Hines vs. Ridley [LH3.8] B&W OC

DOUBLE DARE (CBS)- Host: Alex Trebek (1 episode)
An isolation booth show where players try to guess the object, person, or place being described, then go on to face the Spoilers!

Final ep. from 4/29/1977 (some credits are cut off at end) [GS3.2] GSN

(FAMILY/SUPER SLOPPY) DOUBLE DARE (Nickelodeon)- Host: Marc Summers (17 episodes)
Two families battle through the Gak to win at the obstacle course!

1st taped ep. from '86, Express vs. High Flyers [LS1.7]
1987 ep., The Jetsons vs. The Dynamic Duo, Marc gets pied at the end! [IM1.4]
1987 SS ep, KCK's vs. Pudwhackers [VM1.7]
1989 SS ep, it's "Backwards Day"!, Get Funky Duo vs. Chitter Chatters [DB1.3]
1989 SS ep, w/a salute to baseball, Reds vs. Blue Jays [DB1.2]
1989 SS ep, Rancid Rash People vs. Brains Unlimited [DB1.4]
1989 SS ep, w/a salute to breakfast, Groveling Grummets vs. Jamming J's [DB1.5]
1990 "A Salute to Double Dare" special w/clips [BM1.3]
1990 Family ep., Marc is late!, Ready or Nots vs. Turgid Snow Balls [DB1.1]
1990 Family ep., 3 M's and Me vs. Gulf Screamers [VM1.9]
1990 Family ep., Gak Pack vs. Solid Rocks, OC clock stops temporarily, resulting in a win! [IM1.5]
1992 Family ep. w/the longest opening toss-up ever!, Gangbusters vs. Amazons [RS4.7]
1992 Family ep., Slime City Slickers vs. Irizarry All Stars [RS4.8]
1992 Family ep., M&M Family vs. Parrott Heads [VM1.10]
1992 Family ep., Minus 2 vs. Mad Dogs [FD1.1] OC
1992 Family ep., Texas Twisters vs. Virginia Dares [FD1.2] OC
1993 Family Tourney of Champs Final, Granite Toast/Killer Kellers, Space Cadets/Gruesome Grindles [BF6.2]

DREAM HOUSE (ABC)- Host: Mike Darrow (1 episode)
Couples compete to win their dream house, if they win 7 consecutive games, they will!

Episode from 1968 [SV #872, SV DVD #116] SV B&W OC

DREAM HOUSE (NBC)- Host: Bob Eubanks (3 episodes)

Premiere ep. from 1983, Joanne/Don vs. Vicki/Gary, includes a promo before the episode [BF5.1] OC
Halloween ep. from 1983, Kevin O'Connell from "Go" drops by [LS1.8] OC
Ep. from 1984, Pat Sajak & Vanna White vs. Jamie Farr and Kari Michaelson [LS1.5] OC

EVERY SECOND COUNTS (SYN)- Host: Bill Rafferty (1 episode)
Couples answer questions to earn seconds, where they could possibly win a new car!

General ep., Patti/Joe vs. Lisa/Paul vs. Rita/Royce, last second car win! [RS2.7]

EVERYBODY'S TALKING (ABC)- Host: Lloyd Thaxton (1 episode)
Celebrities try to identify what people are talking about by watching film clips.

Ep. from 1967 with Audrey Meadows, Imogene Coca, and Chad Stuart [SV #922] SV B&W OC

EYE GUESS (NBC)- Host: Bill Cullen (1 episode, 1 clip)
Contestants win prizes by trying to find the hidden answers on the gameboard.

Color ep. from 1968, Terry vs. Linda and Bill vs. Letitia [SV #932] SV
15 min. clip from a 1969 show, 1st game: Jan at the Bonus Round [LH3.10] B&W

THE FACE IS FAMILIAR (CBS)- Hosts: Jack Clark, Jack Whitaker (3 episodes)
Players try to recognize famous celebrity faces scrambled up.

PILOT ep. with Jack Clark as host, Bill Cullen and Betsy Palmer guest [SV #872, SV DVD #116] SV B&W
Premiere Episode from 1966 with June Lockhart and Bob Crane [SV #304] SV B&W OC
Color ep. with Mel Brooks and Pearl Bailey [GG1.1] GSN

FAMILY FEUD (SYN)- Host: Louie Anderson (4 episodes)
Families try to come up with answers that match a question surveyed to 100 people.

Premiere ep. from 1999, Dubra vs. Spoerri [BF10.6] OC
Ep. from 1999, Kessler vs. Gillespie [BF10.7] OC
Ep. from 1999, Catton vs. Herrera [GS1.1] OC
Ep. from 1999, Kraft vs. Newman [GS1.2] OC

FAMILY FEUD (CBS)- Host: Ray Combs (4 episodes)
See above.

4 eps. from The Price is Right vs. The Young and the Restless from 1991 [KA1.1-4] GSN

FAMILY FEUD (ABC)- Host: Richard Dawson (9 episodes)

PILOT from 1975, Speir vs. Madvig [BM1.1]
Premiere ep. from 1976, Moseley vs. Abramowitz [GS20.7] GSN
Ep. from 1979, Farrens vs. Strom [GS20.11] GSN
Ep. from 1979, Hatfield vs. McCoy, final game of the special series [GS20.12] GSN
Ep. from 1980, Manoukian vs. Guice (no end segment) [RS10.10] OC
Ep. from 1980, Tanaka vs. Sullivan [GS20.8] GSN
Ep. from 1981, Vallance vs. Curry [GS20.9] GSN
Ep. from 1981, Buttice vs. Johnson, Johnny Gilbert announces, Richard's future wife Gretchen appears [GS20.10] GSN
Final ep. from 1985, Murphy vs. Mackin, Mackin's win $5,000 in Fast Money, Emotional Goodbye from Richard! [GS3.15] GSN

FAMILY FEUD ["Duell"] (RTL-Germany)- Host: ??? (1 episode)

General ep. from 1997? [BF9.3] OC

FAMILY FEUD (Channel 9-Australia)- Host: Daryl Somers (2 episodes)

Ep. from 4/20/82, Skahill vs. Bishop [BM1.6] OC
Ep. from 4/21/82, Skahill vs. Rickard (no end credits) [BM1.7] OC

THE FAMILY GAME (ABC)- Host: Bob Barker (2 episodes)
Children answer questions about their parents, format is similar to "The Newlywed Game".

Ep. from 1967, Weldon vs. Hart vs. Getz [LH3.9] B&W
Ep. from 1967, Hoffman vs. Dexter vs. Lewis (w/slate, tracking issues for first 2 min.) [SV DVD #977] SV B&W OC

FAST DRAW (SYN)- Host: Johnny Gilbert (1 episode)
A primitive version of "Pictionary".

Ep. from 1968, w/Anita Gillette and Robert Alda [JL2.3]

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK (ABC)- Host: Lloyd Thaxton (2 episodes)
Celebrities provide answers to hypothetical questions, in which the contestans have to guess who said that statement.

Ep. from 1968 w/ Dean Jones, Rose Marie, Stu Gilliam, Meredith MacRae, and Marty Allen [SV #804] SV B&W OC
An ep. from 1969 w/ Milton Berle, Rose Marie, Stu Gilliam, Jan Murray, and Janis Paige [SV DVD #944] SV B&W OC

GAMBIT (CBS)- Host: Wink Martindale (1 episode)
Fun game where couples try to get to 21, as in blackjack, to win great loot!

Ep. from 1974, 1st game: Livingstons vs. Ferraros (fair video) [PD1.3]

GE COLLEGE BOWL (NBC)- Host: Robert Earle (1 episode)
Smart college kids compete for scholarship grants.

Ep. from 1966, Cal State-L.A. vs. Rice University [JL1.1] OC

THE GENERATION GAP (ABC)- Host: Dennis Wholley (1 episode)
The younger and older generations compete to see who knows more about the opposite era.

Ep. from 1969, w/guests Hugh O'Brian and the Brooklyn Bridge [SV DVD #951] SV OC DVD

GET THE MESSAGE (ABC)- Host: Robert Q. Lewis (1 episode)
Somewhat like "Password", but with phrases.

Final ep. from 12/25/64, Arlene Francis & Barbara Cooke vs. Douglas Fairbanks & Marty Ingals [LS1.2] GSN B&W

GET THE PICTURE (Nickelodeon)- Host: Mike O'Malley (2 episodes)
Kids try to connect the dots and describe what the picture is.

General ep. from 1991, Alia/Greg vs. Caroline/Ricky [CC DVD 5.2]
Ep. from 1991, Jimmy/Kanika vs. Tyson/Desirae [IM1.1]

GIANT STEP (CBS)- Host: Bert Parks (1 episode)
Kids compete in this "$64,000 Question" variant to win scholarships and trips.

Ep. from 1956, a contestant wins the grand prize [TM1.5] OC B&W

GLOBAL GUTS (Nickelodeon)- Host: Mike O'Malley (1 episode)
Kids from around the world compete in sports events, which lead up to the "Aggro Crag".

Ep. from 1995, Hagit (Israel) vs. Rosa (Mexico) vs. Hugo (Spain) [VM1.12] OC

GO (NBC)- Host: Kevin O'Connell (2 episodes)
Teams forms sentences to describe clues to win up to $20,000!

Ep. from October 1983, w/Elaine Joyce and Richard Kline [PD1.5] GSN
Final ep. from 1984, w/Didi Conn and Charlie Seibert guesting [MM 1.1] GSN

GOING, GOING, GONE (???)- Host: Richard Lewellen (1 episode)
A show which combines "Shell Game" with an auction.

PILOT from 1961 [SV DVD #116] SV B&W DVD

THE GONG SHOW (NBC)- Host: Chuck Barris (1 episode)
Hilarious acts are performed to see if they can survive the "gong".

Final ep. from 7/21/1978, Celebs are Carl Ballantine, Patty Andrews, and Jamie Farr [GS3.14] GSN

GREED (FOX)- Host: Chuck Woolery (3 episodes)
The show where one person, in one night, can walk away with over $2 million!

2 hour premiere ep. from 1999 [GS21.2] GSN
2nd episode, where Dan, Curtis, and Melissa win $1 million! [GS21.3] GSN
Dan Avila misses the $2.2 M question [GS21.6] GSN

HAGGIS BAGGIS (NBC)- Host: Dennis James (1 episode)
A game where contestants try to identify a face from filling in various categories.

General ep. from 1959 [SV DVD #957] SV B&W OC DVD

HIGH ROLLERS (NBC)- Host: Alex Trebek (10 episodes)
A game of high stakes...where every move could be your last!

Ep. from 5/19/78, 1st game: Daphne vs. Gene, Gene wins over $42K! [IW1.1]
Ep. from 1979, 1st game: Randy vs. Alan [RS12.1] OC
Ep. from 1979, 1st game: Sheri vs. Fred [RS10.2] OC
Ep. from 3/79, 1st game: Candice vs. Pearl [RS5.2] OC
Ep. from 12/31/79, 1st game: Jean vs. Donna [RS5.1] OC
Ep. from 1980, 1st game: (Info. TBA) [...] OC
Ep. from 1980, 1st game: Maryann vs. Cheryl [RS12.2] OC
Ep. from 1980, 1st game: Tom vs. John [RS12.4] OC
Ep. from 1980, 1st game: Rich vs. Ted [RS12.6] OC
The hilarious final ep. from 1980, is Alex a bit tipsy? ;-) (fair video, mainly in B&W) [LH1.4] OC

HIGH LOW (NBC)- Host: Jack Barry (1 episode)
A player competes against a celebrity to give multiple answers to a question.

Ep. from 1957, guests are Arlene Dahl, John Van Doren, and Burl Ives (time code on screen) [JL2.1] B&W OC

HIT MAN (NBC)- Host: Peter Tomarken (3 episodes)
Contestants are shown film clips and then try to complete the "Triple Crown" for $10,000!

General ep., topics are TV commercials and William Randolph Hearst [RS2.19] OC
Topics are American Bandstand and Custer's Last Stand [IM1.6] OC
Final ep. from 4/1/83, topics are Gene Kelly and Vice Presidents of the U.S. [RS1.6] OC

HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (NBC/SYN)- Host: Peter Marshall, Tom Bergeron (13 episodes)
Tic-tac-toe with celebrities.

Marshall Primetime ep. from 1967 [LH3.1] GSN
Ep. from 12/31/79, w/David Brenner, Pia Zadora, Tom Poston, et al. [RS6.8] OC
NBC Finale from 6/26/80, w/Charlie Callas, Rose Marie, et al. [DA1.3] OC
Entire "Game Show Week" from January 2003, with Peter Marshall, Wink Martindale, Jim Lange, and others. Rod Roddy announces! [...] OC
"Game Show Week Part 2" from Nov. 2003, w/ Monty Hall, Rose Marie, Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan, Tom Kennedy, and more. [...] OC

I'LL BET (NBC)- Host: Jack Narz (1 episode)
Husbands and wives bet on each other, predicting if they will answer questions right or wrong.

Ep. from 1965, w/Beverly Garland, Richard Long, and their spouses (missing opening) [SV #911] SV B&W

IT COULD BE YOU (NBC)- Host: Bill Leyden (1 episode)
People are called out of the audience, and are awarded prizes for their unique and courageous stories!

Ep. from 9/10/58 [SV DVD #317] SV B&W OC DVD

IT TAKES TWO (NBC)- Host: Vin Scully (1 episode)
Celebrity couples answer questions about various circumstances.

Ep. from 1970, w/Meredith McRae, Pat Harrington, and Gary Crosby [TM1.6]

IT'S ACADEMIC (WJZ, Baltimore)- Host: David Zahren (3 episodes)
A local high school quiz show.

3 episodes from 2004 featuring my alma mater, Parkville HS (I'm in the audience with the Pep Band on the semifinal episode!) [...] OC

IT'S NEWS TO ME (CBS)- Host: Walter Cronkite (1 episode)
A news quiz where contestants agree or disagree with the panelist's take on a recent news story.

1954 ep. w/Anna Lee, Quentin Reynolds, Nina Foch, and John Henry Faulk [...] B&W OC

I'VE GOT A SECRET (CBS/SYN)- Host: Garry Moore, Steve Allen (13 episodes)
A classic panel show where contestants' "secrets" have to be discovered by the panel!

Key: JM-Jayne Meadows, BC-Bill Cullen, HM-Henry Morgan, BP-Betsy Palmer, BM-Bess Myerson

Ep. from 1952 w/ BC, JM, Eddie Bracken, and Kitty Carlisle, Linda Christian guests [BF1.4] GSN B&W
Garry Moore ep. from 2/9/56 w/ JM, BC, HM, and Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz guests [SV DVD #305] SV DVD B&W OC
Garry Moore hosts w/ BC, JM, HM, and Joan Bennett, one of the contestants had a date w/ Marilyn Monroe, and she paid for it! [GS19.3] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1962 w/ BC, BP, HM, and BM, Garry shows a blooper reel from a promo shoot with the panel [RS10.1] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1963 w/BP, Morey Amsterdam, Rosemary Clooney, and HM, guest is Dick Van Dyke [RS12.10] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1964 w/BP, Buddy Hackett, Lorraine Boyd (an audience member), and HM, Guests are Olivia de Haviland & Bette Davis [RS5.3] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1965 w/ Lucille Ball as a guest and Gary Morton on the panel [SV DVD #980] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1966 with Pearl Bailey as guest [SV #302] SV B&W OC
Christmas ep. from 1966, w/ BP, BC, BM, and HM, Bess plays the tuba w/ the Salvation Army! [SV #730] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1967 w/BP, BC, BM, and HM, Jayne Meadows guests [SV DVD #958] SV B&W OC DVD
Final ep. from 4/3/1967, Panelists are BP, BC, BM, and HM, Lynn Redgrave guests [GS3.10] GSN B&W
1972 syndicated ep. w/Pat Carroll, Arte Johnson, Anita Gillette, and Richard Dawson, Bob Barker guests [LH4.1] GSN
1972 ep. w/ Pat Carroll, HM, Nanette Fabray, and Richard Dawson, Rod Serling guests [RS10.13] GSN

JACKPOT (NBC)- Host: Geoff Edwards (1 episode)
16 players answer riddles, competing to win as much as $50,000!

1974 ep. w/a $38,750 Super Jackpot win! (fair audio/video) [AH1.3]

JACKPOT BOWLING (NBC)- Host: Milton Berle (4 episodes)
Pro bowlers go against each other to win a jackpot of more than $60,000!

Ep. from 12/10/60 with Mamie Van Doren guesting [SV #730] SV B&W OC
Another ep. from 1961 with The Ritz Brothers guesting [SV #926] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1/2/61, w/Jack Dempsey guesting, and a $75,000 win! [RS2.12] B&W OC
Ep. from 1/16/61, w/Diana Dors guesting [SV DVD #903] SV B&W OC

JEOPARDY! (NBC)- Host: Art Fleming (2 episodes)
Contestants are shown the answers, and they have to provide the questions.

2000th ep. from 1972, Mel Brooks cameo as the "2000 Year Old Man" (garbled audio) [LH1.2] GSN
Final ep. from 3/2/1979 [GS3.1] GSN

JEOPARDY! (SYN)- Host: Alex Trebek (68 episodes, 1 clip)
See above.

Premiere ep. from 9/17/84 [JEP! DVD]
2nd ep. from 9/18/84, Greg vs. Lynn vs. Paul, there's a 0-0-0 tie after Final J! [IW1.11] OC
1995 ep. from the Seniors Tournament semifinals, David vs. Nola vs. Darryl [BF4.3]
4,000th Episode Special, no gameplay, but lots of clips! [...]
First ep. with new dollar amounts ($200-$1000 first round, $400-$2000 second round) [...] OC
Ken Jennings' Run From 2004:
Days 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 [...] OC
Days 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 (breaks $1M mark) [...] OC
Days 31, 32, 33 [...] OC
Days 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 (breaks one day record w/$75 K on Season Finale) [...] OC
Ken Jennings on "Regis and Kelly"--approx. 10 min. clip [...]
Ken Jennings Continues His Run:
Days 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 [...] OC
Days 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 [...] OC
Days 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 [GS32.1-5] OC
Days 54, 55, 56, 58 [GS32.6-9] OC
Days 59 (Ken breaks the $2M mark), 60, 61, 62, 63 [GS33.1-5] OC
Days 64, 65 (Ken breaks the all time GS winnings mark), 66 [GS33.6-8] OC
Days 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 [GS34.1-5] OC
Days 74, 75 (Ken retires w/over $2.5M) [GS34.6-7] OC
Nancy Zerg's 1st ep. (1st day after Ken's loss), Ken makes a cameo [GS34.8] OC
Katie Fitzgerald's 1st ep. (2nd day after Ken's loss) [GS34.9] OC
Katie Fitzgerald's 2nd ep. (3rd day after Ken's loss) [GS34.10] OC
Day 1 of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions Finals [...] OC
Day 2 of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions Finals [...] OC
Day 3 of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions Finals, Brad Rutter wins $2M! [...] OC

JEOPARDY! (RTL-Germany)- Host: ??? (1 episode)

Partial ep. from 1997? [BF9.4]

THE JOKER'S WILD (CBS)- Host: Jack Barry (1 episode)
Players try to beat the devil in order to win cash and prizes.

Premiere ep. from 1972 [...] GSN

JUVENILE JURY (NBC)- Host: Jack Barry (1 episode)
Kids give their views on various topics.

General ep. from 1953 [TVG DVD 2.3] OC B&W

KNOCKOUT (NBC)- Host: Arte Johnson (1 episode)
Find out what item doesn't belong, and you could win $5,000!

General ep., Anita vs. Jack vs. Maxine (missing credits) [RS2.8]

THE KRYPTON FACTOR (ABC)- Host: Dick Clark (1 episode)
Contestants perform mental and physical challenges to win $50,000 in gold.

General ep. from 1981, Ronna vs. Garry vs. Andrew vs. Kivi [CC DVD 1.5] OC

LAUGH LINE (NBC)- Host: Dick Van Dyke (1 episode)
Panelists come up with captions for "living cartoons", earning money for home viewers.

Ep. from 1959 w/Dorothy Loudon, Mike Nichols, Elaine May, and Louis Nye [PF DVD 3.3] B&W OC

LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE (Nickelodeon)- Host: Kirk Fogg (2 episodes)
Kids compete to run through Olmec's temple and win great prizes!

1994 ep. w/"The Legend of the Shriveled Hand of Efoua" [JLE1.2]
1995 ep. w/"The Legend of the War Fan of the 47 Ronin" [JLE1.1]

LET'S MAKE A DEAL (NBC/ABC/SYN)- Host: Monty Hall (43 episodes)
Should I give up what I have for what's behind the curtain?

PILOT made for NBC in April 1963, commentary by Monty throughout [...] GSN
2nd ABC ep. from 12/31/68, with a $1,520 Big Deal win [RS12.12] OC B&W
ABC daytime ep. from 4/25/69, with a $1,620 Big Deal win [SV #922] SV B&W OC
Another ABC daytime ep. from 1969, with an ~$3,000 Big Deal win [SV #932] SV B&W OC
NBC ep. from 1990, Monty Hall guest hosts [CC DVD 2.2] OC

All the following episodes are from GSN

1st GSN aired ep., taped 7/29/71, $8,582 Big Deal Won! [GS12.1]
Ep. taped 9/23/71, not much happens [GS12.2]
1971 ep., Funny moment when a donkey pulls Jay (dressed as Santa) in a sleigh! [GS12.3]
Ep. taped 12/1/70, a $6,024 Pontiac won, as well as a $10,258 Big Deal! [GS12.4]
Las Vegas ep. taped on 8/9/76, $11,695 Big Deal Won! [GS12.5]
Ep. taped on 5/4/76, a $29,337 SUPER DEAL Won! [GS12.6]
1976 ep., Zsa Zsa Gabor stops by! [GS12.7]
Ep. taped on 9/24/71, $8,011 Big Deal Won! [GS12.8]
Ep. taped on 9/23/70, $10,171 Big Deal Won! [GS12.9]
Ep. taped on 8/19/71, $8,284 Big Deal Won! [GS12.10]
Las Vegas ep. taped on 8/7/76, $11,040 Big Deal Won! [GS12.11]
Ep. taped on 10/9/75 [GS12.12]
Ep. taped on 12/17/75, Bob trades in a $5,600 car, wins the Big Deal, but then loses the Super Deal, only winds up with $2,000! [GS12.13]
Ep. taped on 8/29/75, Ruth Buzzi stops by, $10,729 Big Deal won! [GS12.14]
Ep. taped on 8/19/72, $10,301 Big Deal Won! [GS13.1]
Ep. taped on 8/18/71 [GS13.2]
Ep. taped on 10/22/71, $8,140 Big Deal Won! [GS13.3]
Ep. taped on 11/11/71 [GS13.4]
Ep. taped on 11/11/76 in Las Vegas, $15,725 Big Deal Won! [GS13.5]
Ep. taped on 11/12/75, $8,664 Big Deal Won! [GS13.6]
Ep. taped on 11/75, Nanette Fabray stops by, $11,640 Big Deal Won! [GS13.7]
Ep. taped on 5/18/71 [GS13.8]
Ep. taped on 8/71, $8,062 Big Deal Won! [GS13.9]
Ep. taped on 8/29/75, Nipsey Russell stops by, $9,918 Big Deal Won! [GS13.10]
Ep. taped on 10/1/75, $9,509 Big Deal Won! [GS13.11]
Ep. taped on 12/16/76 in Las Vegas, $12,264 Big Deal Won! [GS13.12]
Ep. taped on 5/4/76 [GS13.13]
Ep. taped in summer of '75, Red Buttons stops by, $12,242 Big Deal Won! [GS13.14]
Ep. taped on 7/29/71, [GS14.1]
Ep. taped in 1971, $9,317 Big Deal Won! [GS14.2]
Ep. taped on 9/23/71, $10,425 Big Deal Won! [GS14.3]
Ep. taped on 10/1/75, $30,000 SUPER DEAL Won! [GS14.4]
Ep. taped on 12/22/76 in Las Vegas, $12,000 Big Deal Won! [GS14.5]
Ep. taped on 1/13/76, $9,968 Big Deal Won! [GS14.6]
Ep. taped on 11/27/75, Milton Berle stops by, $10,684 Big Deal Won! [GS14.7]
Ep. from 1985, $8,131 Big Deal Won! [RSK1.4]
Ep. from 1985, $9,060 Big Deal Won! [RSK1.9]
Ep. from 1985, $9,233 Big Deal Won! [RSK1.10]

LIAR'S CLUB (SYN)- Host: Rod Serling (1 episode, 1 clip)
Four panelists try to stump contestants who try to discern what a strange item is actually used for.

Ep. from 1969 w/ guests Betty White, Bill Bixby, Betty Walker, and Norm Crosby [SV DVD #966] SV B&W OC DVD
Clip from 1969 w/ guests Betty White, Dick Gautier, and two others (20 min.) [TZDE, Seas. 1] DVD

LINGO (GSN)- Host: Chuck Woolery (2 episodes)
Being a good speller can win you $15,000!

GSN Premiere Episode from 2002 [...] GSN
General ep. from 2002, Andrew/Matt vs. Lenny/Kate [GS40.1] GSN

Play the oversized pinball machine for cash and prizes!

Only existing ep, w/Florence Henderson & Roddy McDowall (rough video and audio) [RS2.9]

MAKE ME LAUGH (SYN)- Host: Bobby Van (3 episodes)
If you can withstand laughing for 3 minutes, you win $180!

Ep. from 1979, w/ Garry Shandling, Bruce Baun, and Roger & Roger, guest is Bert Convy [BF5.2]
Ep. from 1979, w/ Garry Shandling, Bruce Baun, and Roger & Roger, guest is Jonelle Allen [BF5.3]
Ep. from 1979, w/ Gary Muleder, The Unknown Comic, and Kip Adotta, guest is Dody Goodman [CC DVD 4.1]

MASQUERADE PARTY (NBC)- Host: Eddie Bracken (1 episode)
Guests dress up in costume and try to be identified by the panel.

General ep. from 1955 [TVG DVD 2.5] OC B&W

MASTERS OF THE MAZE (Family Channel)- Host: Mario Lopez (1 episode)
Kids run around a virtual-reality maze for prizes.

General ep. from 1995, Michael/Scott vs. Amber/Jennifer vs. Jodi/Sara [CC DVD 4.4] OC

MATCH GAME/HOLLYWOOD SQUARES HOUR (NBC)- Hosts: Gene Rayburn and Jon Bauman (1 episode)
Two great shows in one hour! I didn't like "Bowzer" as a game show host.

Ep. from 1983, w/"Leave it to Beaver" cast (missing part of opening, fair video) [PD1.1]

THE MATCH GAME (NBC)- Host: Gene Rayburn (1 episode)

PILOT from 1962 w/ Peggy Cass and Peter Lind Hayes [SV #932] SV B&W OC

MATCH GAME '73 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (6 episodes)
A classic show where 6 celebrities fill in their _________ in order to help the contestants win!

Key: RD-Richard Dawson, BS-Brett Somers, CNR-Charles Nelson Reilly

Premiere episode, Celebs are Michael Landon, Vicki Lawrence, Jack Klugman, Jo Ann Pflug, RD, and Anita Gillete [GS8.1] GSN
3rd ep. w/ same celebs as above [MG DVD 1.2]
Ep. w/ Bert Convy, Jaye P. Morgan, CNR, BS, RD, and Betty White [MG DVD 1.3]
Ep. w/ Stu Gilliam, Loretta Swit, BS, McLean Stevenson, RD, and Ann Elder [MG DVD 1.4]
Ep. w/ Bob Barker, Arlene Francis, RD, Michael Learned, Richard Thomas, and Della Reese [MG DVD 4.1]
Ep. w/ Dick Gautier, Barbara Stuart, Jack Carter, Jo Anne Pflug, RD, and Shelley Winters [MG DVD 4.2]

MATCH GAME '74 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (3 episodes)

1st anniversary episode, Celebs are Don Adams, BS, CNR, Mitzi McCall, RD, and Elaine Joyce [GS8.2] GSN
Ep. w/ Bill Cullen, BS, CNR, Patti Deutsch, RD, and Betty White [BF8.1] GSN
Ep. w/ Steve Allen, BS, CNR, Fannie Flagg, RD, and Kaye Ballard (not taped in studio 33) [MG DVD 1.5]

MATCH GAME '75 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (1 episode)

Ep. w/Scoey Mitchell, BS, CNR, Joan Collins, RD, & Patti Deutsch, Gene climbs over the audience! [JL1.2] GSN

MATCH GAME '76 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (2 episodes)

Ep. w/ Avery Schreiber, BS, CNR, Nancy Kulp, RD, and Joyce Bulifant [MG DVD 1.8]
Ep. w/ Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Mary Wickes, RD, and Betty White (includes fee plugs) [MG DVD 2.3]

MATCH GAME '77 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (3 episodes)

"School Riot" ep. w/ Edward Asner, BS, CNR, Debralee Scott, RD, and Patti Deutsch (includes fee plugs) [MG DVD 2.4]
Two consec. eps. w/ Dick Gautier, BS, CNR, Jo Anne Pflug, RD, and Fannie Flagg (both have fee plugs, one has ticket plug) [MG DVD 3.2, 3.3]

MATCH GAME '78 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (3 episodes)

The 1st "Star Wheel" episode, Celebs are Scoey Mitchell, BS, CNR, Sharin Farrell, RD, and Mary Wickes [GS8.4] GSN
1st ep. with new white and blue set, Celebs are Nipsey Russell, BS, CNR, Susan Richardson, RD, and Fannie Flagg [GS8.5] GSN
Ep. w/ David Doyle, BS, CNR, Elaine Joyce, RD, and Betty White (includes fee plugs) [MG DVD 2.5]

MATCH GAME '79 (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (1 episode)

Last ep. of '79 series, Celebs are Bart Braverman, BS, Gary Burghoff, Elaine Joyce, Bill Daily, and Marcia Wallace [GS8.6] GSN

MATCH GAME (SYN)- Host: Gene Rayburn (11 episodes)

Ep. from 1979 w/ Robert Pine, BS, CNR, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dick Martin, and Betty White (includes ticket plug) [MG DVD 2.6]
Ep. from 1979 w/ Foster Brooks, BS, CNR, Sarah Purcell, Scoey Mitchell, and Fannie Flagg (includes ticket plug) [MG DVD 2.7]
Three consec. eps. w/ Robert Pine, BS, CNR, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dick Martin, and Betty White {all have ticket plugs and Kirstie Alley) [MG DVD 3.4-3.6]
Ep. from 1979 w/ Robert Walden, BS, CNR, Elaine Joyce, Bill Daily, and Joyce Bulifant (includes ticket plug and rare studio audience game) [MG DVD 4.5]
Ep. from 1979 w/ Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Rita Moreno, Bill Daily, and Patti Deutsch (includes ticket plug) [MG DVD 4.6]
Ep. from 1980 w/ Charles Siebert, BS, CNR, Phyllis Davis, Robert Donner, and Marcia Wallace (includes ticket plug) [MG DVD 2.8]
Another ep. from 1980 w/ Charles Siebert, BS, CNR, Phyllis Davis, Robert Donner, and Marcia Wallace (includes ticket plug) [MG DVD 1.7]
Ep. from 1980 w/ Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Paul, and Fannie Flagg (includes ticket plug and Gene busts down the doors) [MG DVD 3.7]
Final ep. from 1982, Celebs are Skip Stevenson, BS, CNR, Melinda O. Fee, McLean Stevenson, and Betty White [2 copies-GS3.16, GS8.8] GSN

MATCH GAME PM (CBS)- Host: Gene Rayburn (21 episodes)

First ep. of PM series, Celebs are Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, Elaine Joyce, RD, and Joyce Bulifant [GS8.3] GSN
Ep. from 1975 w/ Bill Macy, BS, CNR, Elaine Joyce, RD, and Betty White [MG DVD 3.1]
Ep. from 1975 w/ the "Admiral TV" incident [GG1.2] GSN
Ep. from 1975 w/ William Shatner, BS, CNR, Lee Meriweather, RD, and Joyce Bulifant [MG DVD 2.2]
Ep. from 1976: Celebs: Bill Cullen, BS, CNR, Janice Pennington, RD, Fannie Flagg; Gene Rayburn tribute from GSN at beginning and end. [GS1.3] GSN
Ep. from 1978 with Nipsey Russell, BS, CNR, Judy Landers, Gary Burghoff, and Betty White [BF1.5] GSN
Ep. from 1979 with Wesley Eure, BS, CNR, Debralee Scott, Bob Barker, and Marcia Wallace [BF1.2] GSN
Ep. from 1979 with Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Barbara Rhodes, Bart Braverman, and Joyce Bulifant [BF1.3] GSN
Ep. from 1979 w/ Freeman King, BS, CNR, Betty Kennedy, Bill Daily, and Joyce Bulifant, $20K win! [BF1.8] GSN
Ep. from 1979 w/ Kukla & Ollie, BS, CNR, Eva Gabor, Arte Johnson, and Fannie Flagg [MG DVD 1.6]
Ep. from 1980 w/ Fred Grandy, BS, David Doyle, Dawn Jeffries, Bill Daily, and Rita Moreno, $20K win! [BF1.9] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ Bob Donner, BS, CNR, Marjorie Wallace, Bill Daily, and Marcia Wallace [BF7.3] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Jonelle Allen, Allen Ludden, and Betty White [BF10.1] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ Charlie Siebert, BS, CNR, Phyllis Davis, Robert Donner, and Marcia Wallace [BF10.2] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ Don Galloway, BS, CNR, Holly Hallstrom, Bart Braverman, and Fannie Flagg [BF10.3] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ "Bowzer", BS, CNR, Eva Gabor, Arte Johnson, and Joyce Bulifant [BF10.8] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ George Kennedy, BS, CNR, Elaine Joyce, Dick Martin, and Betty White [BF10.9] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ Fred Grandy, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, Bart Braverman, and Mary Wickes [BF10.10] GSN
Ep. from 1980 w/ Don Sutton, BS, CNR, Phyllis Davis, Bart Braverman, and Marcia Wallace [MG DVD 3.8]
Ep. from 1980 w/ Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, Bill Daily, and Debralee Scott [MG DVD 4.4]
Last episode of PM series, Celebs are Bart Braverman, Betty White, CNR, Joyce Bulifant, Bill Daily, and Marcia Wallace [GS8.7] GSN

MATCH GAME (ABC)- Host: Ross Shafer (1 episode)

General ep. from 1990 w/ Fred Travalena, Brett Somers, CNR, et al. [GS19.8] GSN

MISSING LINKS (ABC)- Host: Dick Clark (1 episode)
A game where the panelists have to fill in a blank relating to the contestant's story.

Ep. from 1964, w/Sam Levenson, Kaye Ballard, and Joel Grey (time code on screen) [RS6.1] OC

THE MONEYMAZE (ABC)- Host: Nick Clooney (1 episode)
Couples get to run through a maze to win prizes and a chance at $10,000!

PILOT ep. from 1975 [JL2.4]

MONOPOLY (ABC)- Host: Mike Reilly (3 episodes)
An adaptation of the classic board game, which unfortunately, only lasted for one summer in 1990.

General ep. where a contestant wins $25,000! (fair video) [MM 1.4]
Ep. from 6/30/90, Barry vs. Bonnie vs. Peter, $25K win! [IW1.7] OC
Ep. from 8/25/90, Tom vs. Debra vs. Tripp [IW1.8] OC

MOTHER'S DAY (ABC)- Host: Dick Van Dyke (1 episode)
Three mothers compete in various challenges in order to be crowned "Mother of the Day."

General ep. from 1957 [JL2.2] B&W OC

NAMEDROPPERS (NBC)- Hosts: Al Lohman and Roger Barkley (1 episode)
Contestants try not to be fooled by a person who has a connection to a celebrity.

Ep. from 1970 w/Bob Cummings, Ruth Buzzi, and Bob Newhart [RS11.7]

($100,000) NAME THAT TUNE (CBS/SYN)- Hosts: George Dewitt, Tom Kennedy, Jim Lange (3 episodes)
Can you name that tune in 4 notes?

1959 Dewitt ep. w/clips from the previous season [SV DVD #321] SV B&W OC DVD
Kennedy ep. from 1977, Karen Rockman wins $100,000! [IM1.2] OC
Lange ep. from 1984 (audio/video slightly out of sync) [ST1.9]

THE NAME'S THE SAME (ABC)- Host: Robert Q. Lewis (10 episodes)
The panel tries to guess people's names, which are usually similar to celebrities or household objects.

Key: JA-Joan Alexander, BS-Bill Stern, GR-Gene Rayburn

Ep. w/ Carl Reiner, JA, and BS, Charles Ruggles guests [GS34.11] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ Peter Donald, JA, and BS, George Jessel guests [GS35.1] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ GR, JA, and BS, Guy Lombardo guests [GS30.1] GSN B&W
Ep. where Brian Aherne guest hosts, w/ GR, JA, and BS, Jan Murray guests [GS30.5] GSN B&W
Ep. where Brian Aherne guest hosts, w/ GR, JA, and BS, John Payne guests [GS30.7] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ GR, JA, and BS, Earl Wiseman guests [GS30.9] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ GR, JA, and BS, Herb Shriner guests [GS30.11] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ GR, JA, and BS, Phil Rizzuto guests [GS35.7] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ GR, JA, and BS, Brian Aherne guests [GS35.9] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ GR, JA, and BS, Victor Moore guests [GS35.11] GSN B&W

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S FUNNY MONEY (GSN)- Host: Jimmy Pardo (1 episode)
Comics tell jokes and win contestants money and trips.

Premiere ep. from 6/15/03, comics are George Gray, Mike Sacone, and Vinny Favorito [GS40.3] OC GSN

THE NEWLYWED GAME (ABC)- Host: Bob Eubanks (2 episodes)
Newlyweds answer questions about their lives.

Ep. from 1966, from early in the run [SV #911] SV B&W OC
Final ABC daytime ep. from 12/1974 [GS3.7] GSN

NICK ARCADE (Nickelodeon)- Host: Phil Moore (1 episode)
Two teams play arcade games, then race through a virtual reality game in the bonus round!

1992 ep., Lisa/Wendy vs. C.D./Marc [BF6.4]

NOW YOU SEE IT (CBS)- Host: Jack Narz, Chuck Henry (4 episodes)
A word search game where you see the words... and then you don't!

1974 ep., Rosemary wins $17,000! [RS4.2] GSN
1974 ep. w/ a funny slip-up by Jack at the end [BM1.2] GSN
Final ep. from 6/13/1975 [GS3.5] GSN
General Henry ep. from 1989 [MS1.1] OC

NUMBER PLEASE (ABC)- Host: Bud Collyer (1 episode)
Contestants alternate calling out letters to solve phrases for prizes.

General ep. from 1961 [LH2.5] GSN B&W

THE OBJECT IS... (ABC)- Host: Dick Clark (2 episodes)
Like Password, but each player can give two clues at a time.

Premiere ep from 1963 w/Dwayne Hickman, Yvonne Craig, and Hans Conried [RS4.10] B&W OC
Ep. from 1964 w/ Stubby Kaye and Joan Caulfield [SV #932] SV B&W OC

OH MY WORD! (KGO-San Francisco)- Host: Jim Lange (2 episodea)
Like "Balderdash", where four panelists are given a word, only one has the correct definition.

Local ep. from 1965, w/ Buddy Greco and Sal Mineo [SV DVD #957] SV B&W DVD
Another ep. from 1965, w/ George Liberace and Cal Tjader [PF DVD 4.1] B&W

ON YOUR WAY (DuMont)- Host: Bud Collyer (1 episode)
People in need of a trip come on, and answer questions that will help them to reach their destination.

Episode from 1954, cuts off right after last commercial [SV DVD #318] SV DVD B&W OC

PANTOMIME QUIZ (CBS/ABC)- Host: Mike Stokey (5 episodes)
Charades game where celebrities act out very long quotations and phrases.

First national broadcast from 6/23/50 [SV DVD #317] SV B&W DVD
General ep. from 1951 with Vincent Price, Hans Conried, et al. [SV #315] SV B&W
Ep. from 1951 with Gale Storm, et al. [TVG DVD 3.2] B&W
Ep. from 1954 with Jackie Coogan, Frank DeVol, Adele Jergens, et al. [SV DVD #321] SV B&W DVD
ABC episode from 1955 with guests Hans Conried, Jerry Lester, et al. [SV #313] SV B&W OC

PASS THE LINE (???)- Host: Cliff Saber (1 episode)
An odd concept, where a professional artist draws one line, then shows the next player, who shows it to the next...

PILOT from 1954 with Jonathan Winters, et al. [SV #313] SV B&W

PASSWORD (CBS/ABC)- Host: Allen Ludden (7 episodes)
The classic word game where you can only say one clue at a time to get your partner to guess the word!

Ep. from 1/23/62, w/Pat Carroll and Johnny Carson [IM1.8] GSN B&W
Ep. from 3/5/62, w/Jane Fonda and James Mason [SV DVD #904] SV B&W OC
Daytime ep. from 9/16/66, w/ Carole Wells and Bob Denver [MS2.4] GSN
Daytime ep. from 9/19/66, w/ Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon, Mary Wickes, and Gary Morton [SV #804] SV B&W OC
Daytime ep. from 9/20/66, w/LB and GM (from above), plus Dick Patterson, Tommy Thompson, and others [SV #911] SV B&W OC
Final nighttime ep. from 5/22/1967, Celebs are Barbara Rush and Noel Harrison [GS3.11] GSN
ABC final ep. from 1975, celebs are Kate Jackson and Sam Melville [JL1.3] OC

PASSWORD PLUS (NBC)- Host: Allen Ludden, Tom Kennedy (2 episodes)

Ep. from 1980 w/Susan Richardson and Bill Cullen, 1st game: Gloriana vs. Judy [RS10.3] OC
Kennedy ep. from 1981 w/Wink Martindale and Gene Rayburn, 1st game: Johnnie vs. Sherree [RS11.6] GSN

PDQ (NBC)- Host: Dennis James (1 episode)
A game have to guess the word or phrase one letter at a time!

PILOT episode from 1966 with Stubby Kaye, Gisele McKenzie, and Dick Patterson [SV #304] SV B&W

PEOPLE ARE FUNNY (NBC)- Host: Art Linkletter (4 episodes, 1 clip)
A part stunt, part audience participation shows, where some interesting skits take place!

Episode from 1957, a man needs the last piece of his $10,000 movie contract! [SV #313] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1957, first stunt is the anagram game for $10,000 [TVG DVD 3.3] B&W
Ep. from 1958, first stunt starts with a yawner! :-) [SV #302] SV B&W
Ep. from 1959, first stunt has a man debating bad and good points about CA [SV DVD #321] SV B&W DVD
A 1955 gag reel from Paper Mate commercials that were filmed for the show (7 min. clip) [SV DVD #319] SV Contains strong language

PENNY TO A MILLION (ABC)- Host: Bill Goodwin (2 episodes)
Contestants answer questions to double the amount of pennies they can win, up to 1 million ($10,000)!

Ep. from 1955, a young Jay Stewart cameos [SV DVD #320] SV B&W DVD
Ep. from 1955, $5,000+ won! [RS7.6] OC

PICK A BOX (7 Network-Australia)- Host: Bob Dyer (2 episodes)
Contestants answer general knowledge questions in order to pick from 30 boxes, full of prizes.

Ep. from 1960's (time code on screen) [PF DVD 1.2] B&W OC
Another 1960's ep. [PF DVD 1.3] B&W OC

PLACE THE FACE (CBS)- Hosts: Bill Cullen, Jack Smith (2 episodes)
A contestant has to try to recognize a face from their recent or distant past.

Smith ep. from 1953 [TVG DVD 3.4] OC B&W
Episode from 1954, Xavier Cugat guests [SV #310] SV B&W OC

PLAY THE PERCENTAGES (SYN)- Host: Geoff Edwards (1 episode)
Contestants try to guess how many people answered a certain way to a survey.

Ep. from 1980, Gold vs. Blass [BF1.6] GSN

PLAY YOUR HUNCH (NBC)- Host: Merv Griffin (1 episode)
Couples use reasoning to determine if either X, Y, or Z is the correct choice.

Episode from June 1961, Kaye Ballard cameos [SV DVD #301] SV B&W OC DVD

PRESS YOUR LUCK (CBS)- Host: Peter Tomarken (194 episodes)
The game where you have to avoid the whammies in order to win BIG BUCKS!

All eps. are from GSN, except those noted by a [*]
*PILOT from 1983, Jack vs. Maggie vs. Matt [CC DVD 3.3]
*Premiere ep. from 9/19/83, Lana vs. Linda vs. Phil (fair audio/video) [RS1.4]
*Randy West vs. Kathy vs. Alan (fair video) [MS1.3]
*5th ep. from 1983, Dave vs. Shirley vs. Robert [LS1.9] OC
*Ellie vs. Cathi vs. Michael [LS1.11] OC
*Carlotta vs. Tracy vs. Steve [LS1.13] OC
*Beth vs. Michael vs. Jeff [RS6.2] OC
*Chris vs. David vs. Jeff [RS6.3] OC
Richard vs. John vs. Ann, 1st ep. GSN aired, audience is rooting for Ann! [GS14.8]
Jim vs. Syann vs. Richard [GS14.10]
Kerry vs. Darlene vs. Jim [GS14.12]
Gilbert vs. Lorri vs. Darlene [GS14.14]
Mac vs. Gilbert vs. Rachele, no whammies hit all game! [GS14.16]
John vs. Terre vs. Mac, Pick A Corner begins! [GS14.18]
Mac vs. Kevin vs. Margaret [GS15.2]
Bob vs. Kathy vs. Margaret [GS15.4]
Kathy vs. Jane vs. Andres [GS15.6]
Joyce vs. Kevin vs. Andres [GS15.7]
Kay vs. Lee vs. Andres [GS15.9]
Nita vs. Andres vs. Otis, Andres' 4th show, leaves w/ $19,516 [GS15.11]
Susan vs. Nita vs. Michael, Double your $$ begins! [GS15.13]
Michael vs. Bob vs. Maggie Brown, DY$$ hit for 1st time! [GS15.15]
Maggie vs. Burt vs. Laureen [GS16.2]
Laureen vs. Dolly vs. David [GS16.4]
Lynn vs. David vs. George [GS16.6]
Douglas vs. Liz vs. David [GS16.8]
Bo vs. Donna vs. Liz [GS16.10]
Bo vs. Kim vs. Craig [GS16.12]
Lois vs. Rod vs. Kim [GS15.16]
Gary vs. Susie vs. Lois [GS17.2]
Susie vs. Cliff vs. JoAnne, DY$$ hit for 2nd time [GS17.4]
John vs. Jill vs. Pamela [GS17.6]
John vs. Geralyn vs. Andy [GS17.8]
Geralyn vs. Betty vs. Leon [GS17.10]
Geralyn vs. Julio vs. Carla [GS17.12]
Diana vs. Gregg vs. Julio [GS17.14]
Julio vs. Mae vs. Harris, DY$$ hit for the third time [GS18.1]
Sue vs. Karen vs. Bill, Karen needs "a pool table for Dan", and she gets it! [GS14.9]
Jimmy vs. Catherine vs. Sue [GS14.11]
Richard vs. Karen vs. Jimmy [GS14.13]
Pam vs. Kathy vs. Clifton [GS14.15]
Kathy vs. Joanne vs. Greg, squares 2 ($1250) and 4 ($5000 + Spin) frozen during round 2 [GS14.17]
Joanne vs. Jim vs. Audrey [GS15.1]
Tony vs. Laurie vs. Audrey [GS15.3]
Laurie vs. Nancy vs. Jim, 1st appearance of DY$$ with a spin! [GS15.5]
Colleen vs. Nancy vs. Yogi [GS25.2]
David vs. Colleen vs. LaVerne [GS15.8]
Joe vs. LaVerne vs. Diana, only appearance of "Video Game Cartridges" on Big Board [GS15.10]
Miguel vs. LaVerne vs. Patti, 1st DY$$ hit with a spin! [GS15.12]
Jeff vs. Patti vs. Bette [GS15.14]
Lynn vs. Fredda vs. Rick Perrie [GS16.1]
Jerry vs. Linda vs. Rick [GS16.3]
Sue vs. Rick vs. David, Rick's 3rd show, retires w/ $39,942! [GS16.5]
Susie vs. Betty vs. Stephen, Betty gets 12 spins in round two! [GS16.7]
Dean vs. Emily vs. Stephen [GS16.9]
Sally vs. Larry vs. Stephen [GS16.11]
Scott vs. Sharon vs. Sally [GS16.13]
Darrell vs. Scott vs. Cheri [GS17.1]
Dana vs. Cheri vs. Mike [GS17.3]
Lisa vs. Jeff vs. Cheri [GS17.5]
Gregg vs. Betty vs. Lisa [GS17.7]
June vs. Scot vs. Veronica [GS17.9]
Veronica vs. Catherine vs. Bob [GS17.11]
Bob vs. Pamela vs. David [GS17.13]
Joshua vs. Kristi vs. David [GS17.15]
Keith vs. David vs. Lynn [GS18.2]
Barbara vs. Menard vs. Keith, Menard celebrates prematurely after hitting $5000 + a spin! [GS25.7]
Brad vs. Brian vs. Teressa [GS19.4]
David vs. Becky vs. Paul, Becky breaks the all-time record with $33,410 in one show. Highest winnings so far.. [GS19.6]
Ed vs. MICHAEL LARSON vs. Janie [Tape TBA] See "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal"
Nancy vs. Helen vs. Patrick [GS18.3]
Helen vs. Harry vs. Elva [GS18.5]
Art vs. Alexis vs. Laurie [GS18.7]
Greg vs. Laurie vs. Sharon [GS18.9]
Jim vs. Laurie vs. Judi, DY$$ hit for $0! [GS18.11]
Keith vs. Angie vs. Sancy [GS18.13]
Clark vs. Colleen vs. Charles [GS25.5]
Dave vs. Jani vs. Nancy [GS25.6]
Cindy vs. David vs. Ernie, 3rd Board Sound starts- high-pitched! [GS19.5]
Jeff vs. Laura vs. Steve [...]
Sheree vs. John vs. Bill, Rod Roddy cameo! [GS19.7]
Dee Dee vs. Nelson vs. Laura, John Harlan announces, Flokati Rug hit for the 1st time! [GS25.8]
Judy vs. Laura vs. Tom, John Harlan announces (missing intro) [GS44.2]
Susan vs. Sharon vs. Mike [GS22.1]
Chris vs. Dom vs. Diane, all players have $0 at the end of the game, they all come back tomorrow! [GS21.1]
Kate vs. Ed vs. Cindy [GS40.5]
Cindi vs. Ed vs. Cheri [GS40.6]
LaDina vs. Cheri vs. Bob [GS40.7]
Grace vs. Spence vs. LaDina [GS40.8]
Brett vs. Suzy vs. Spence [GS40.9]
Craig vs. Teri vs. Suzy [GS40.10]
Wendy vs. Craig vs. Mike [GS38.1]
Wendy vs. Greg vs. Robin [GS38.2]
Debbi vs. Norm vs. Robin [GS38.3]
Debbi vs. Jon vs. Diana [GS38.4]
Brian vs. Valerie vs. Jon [GS38.5]
Robin vs. Brian vs. Ella [GS38.6]
Robin vs. Carolyn vs. Frank [GS42.1]
Robin vs. Randy vs. Diane [GS42.2]
Adrian vs. Randy vs. Jim [GS42.3]
Ron vs. Randy vs. Suzanne [GS42.4]
Janet vs. Randy vs. Eric [GS42.5]
Bob vs. Cynthia vs. Mark [GS42.6]
Jeff vs. Bob vs. Tricia [GS37.1]
Bob vs. Greg vs. Jo [GS37.2]
Mike vs. Bob vs. Sue, New Year's Eve ep. [GS37.3]
Cydney vs. Sam vs. Jill [GS37.4]
Eddy vs. Sam vs. Julie [GS37.5]
Sam vs. Rick vs. Esmeralda [GS37.6]
Ryan vs. Jeanne vs. Esmeralda [GS37.7]
Buddy vs. Mary Ann vs. Esmeralda [GS37.8]
Brian vs. Annette vs. Buddy [GS37.9]
Kevin vs. Buddy vs. Jerome [GS37.10]
Jerome vs. Michael vs. LeeAnn [GS37.11]
Lisa vs. Max vs. Jerome [GS37.12]
Lesley vs. Jerome vs. Tim [GS36A.1]
Donna vs. Paul vs. Lesley [GS36A.2]
Andra vs. Lesley vs. Brad [GS36A.3]
Brad vs. Will vs. Christine [GS36A.4]
Brad vs. Arlene vs. George [GS36A.5]
Andrea vs. Arlene vs. Mike [GS36A.6]
Andrea vs. Al vs. Rita [GS36A.7]
Nancy vs. John vs. Rita [GS36A.8]
Nancy vs. Dayna vs. Ron [GS36A.9]
Jennie vs. Terry vs. Nancy, Jennie (Jenny) Jones' first ep. [GS36A.10]
Michael vs. Jodi vs. Jennie [GS36A.11]
Melodee vs. John vs. Jennie [GS36A.12]
George vs. Melodee vs. Savannah [GS46.1]
Mike vs. Melodee vs. Jody [GS46.2]
Barbara vs. Jody vs. Evan [GS46.3]
Jon vs. Steve vs. Jody [GS46.4]
Steve vs. Myke vs. Robin, features a pre-American Gladiators Myke Horton ("Gemini") [GS46.5]
Kirby vs. Ellen vs. Robin [GS46.6]
Philip vs. Kirby vs. JoAnn [GS46.7]
Charlotte vs. JoAnn vs. Dave [GS46.8]
Joanie vs. Charlotte vs. Seth [GS46.9]
Sheila vs. Ernest vs. Seth [GS46.10]
Seth vs. Pat vs. Kathie [GS46.11]
Lex vs. Jeffery vs. Pat [GS46.12]
Libby vs. Jeff vs. Pat [GS47.1]
Dean vs. Jeff vs. Carolyn [GS47.2]
Cathy vs. Dean vs. Robyn [GS47.3]
Cathy vs. Vince vs. Janie [GS47.4]
Sam vs. Susan vs. Janie [GS47.5]
Lissa vs. Guy vs. Sam [GS47.6]
Sam vs. Jim vs. Pamela, The infamous ep. where Jim cusses out the whammy! [GS47.7]
Scott vs. Pamela vs. Lisa [GS47.8]
Scott vs. Suzanne vs. Bob [GS47.9]
Dale vs. Norma vs. Bob [GS47.10]
Bob vs. Victor vs. Romey [GS47.11]
Johnny vs. Jennifer vs. Bob [GS47.12]
Bob vs. Philip vs. Lynette [GS45.1]
Steve vs. Pam vs. Philip, Rod Roddy cameo! [GS45.2]
Mike vs. Marlene vs. Philip [GS45.3]
Mike vs. Donna vs. John [GS45.4]
Joe vs. Sharon vs. John [GS45.5]
Joe vs. Michael vs. Julie [GS45.6]
Stanford vs. Linnea vs. Julie [GS43.1]
Susan vs. Linnea vs. Michael [GS43.2]
Linnea vs. Richard vs. Lynn [GS43.3]
Gregg vs. Joan vs. Lynn [GS43.4]
Joan vs. Ralph vs. Trish [GS43.5]
Ralph vs. Alex vs. Jane [GS43.6]
Tyler vs. Ralph vs. Mary [GS41.1]
Tyler vs. Pam vs. Wade [GS41.2]
Denny vs. Tyler vs. Bernie [GS41.3]
Denny vs. Tony vs. Michele [GS41.4]
Michele vs. Joe vs. Susan [GS41.5]
Jack vs. Michele vs. Patti [GS41.6]
The following 5 eps. are from College Week:
Steve (Notre Dame), Ruth (Columbia), Michael (USC) [GS41.7]
Sonya (UCLA), Lana (Alabama), Stuart (Northwestern) [GS41.8]
Elizabeth (Ohio State), Cliff (Arizona), Trey (Harvard) [GS41.9]
John (Wake Forest), Laurie (Texas), Tim (Nebraska) [GS41.10]
Brian (Missouri), Terri (California), Chris (Pennsylvania) [GS41.11]
Michele vs. Drew vs. Val [GS41.12]
Brenda vs. Mark vs. Michele [GS39.1]
Katherine vs. Jim vs. Mark [GS39.2]
Mark vs. Nancy vs. Vern [GS39.3]
Vern vs. Sheri vs. Glen [GS39.4]
Vern vs. Therese vs. Brick [GS39.5]
Mike vs. Therese vs. Marlene [GS39.6]
Nina Jo vs. Andrew vs. Paul, the famous $3 episode! [RS8.3]
*Jon vs. Carla vs. Shirley, w/the big sweepstakes spin (fair video, some audio hiss) [ST1.2]
*Steve vs. Kent vs. Lynn [ST1.3]
*Jamie vs. Cindy vs. Kurt [RS6.4]
*Llewellyn vs. Dave vs. Joe [RS2.2] OC
*Bruce vs. Jo vs. Paige (fair video) [RS2.1]
*Bill vs. Yvonne vs. Paige [RS1.15] OC
*Yvonne vs. Lauren vs. Dave [RS1.16] OC
*Debbie vs. Chris vs. Andre [IW1.9] OC
*Sandy vs. Rod vs. Leslie, Charlie O'Donnell announces (missing credits) [RS6.5] OC
*Scott vs. Paige vs. Jacques, with the "falling N" (no credits) [CC DVD 3.1] OC
*Dorothy vs. Wayne vs. Joe, all three players tie with $0! [CC DVD 5.1]
*Final ep. (no mention is made), Andy vs. Karen vs. Bill [IW1.10] OC

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (NBC/ABC)- Host: Bill Cullen (13 episodes)
Players bid on merchandise, and whoever comes closest wins!

NBC episode from 1957, Sanderson vs. Michael vs. Barnett vs. Miller (tracking issues for first 5 min.) [SV #304] SV B&W OC
Another NBC ep. from 1957, Jung vs. Obidzinski vs. McTague vs. Leion [SV DVD #301] SV B&W OC DVD
Yet another NBC ep. from 1957, Kraft vs. Bivens vs. LaPlante vs. Gillion [SV DVD #318] SV B&W OC DVD
Ep. from 3/10/57, Fetsko vs. Wright vs. Elchin vs. Brown (missing intro) [TBOTPIR 1.1] B&W
Primetime ep. from 1/13/60, Spencer vs. Smith vs. Group vs. Cree [TBOTPIR 1.2] B&W
Primetime ep. from 1/27/60, Cascio vs. Blinn vs. O'Connor vs. Frey [TBOTPIR 1.3] B&W
Ep. from 1961, Arlene Francis hosts, Patrick vs. Talman vs. Kaplan vs. Silliman [LH4.5] GSN B&W
NBC Primetime ep. from 1962, Broce vs. Day vs. Brown vs. Lynch [SV DVD #944] SV B&W DVD
Last NBC Primetime ep. from 9/6/63, Reyes vs. Fears vs. Roberson vs. Peterson [SV DVD #907] SV B&W OC
ABC ep. from 1/7/64, w/ Arthur Treacher guesting, Cain vs. Zack vs. Benko vs. Treacher [SV #804] SV B&W
Ep. from 7/64 w/ Roddy McDowall guesting, Haas vs. Bang vs. Bognar vs. McDowall [LH3.4] GSN B&W
ABC episode from 8/28/64, Audrey Meadows guests, Russell vs. Gasser vs. Burnette vs. Meadows [SV #922] SV B&W
ABC ep. from 9/11/64, Pat Carroll guests, Batesky vs. Murray vs. Panetti vs. Carroll [TBOTPIR 1.4] B&W

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (CBS/SYN)- Hosts: Bob Barker, Dennis James, Doug Davidson (119 episodes, 1 clip)
Players bid on merchandise, and whoever comes closest plays a pricing game and tries to head to the Showcase!

10 min. pitchfilm from 1972 w/Mark Goodson and Dennis James [SV DVD #116] SV DVD
1st episode from 1972!, fair video (Any#/BonusGm/DblPrices) [MM 1.3] OC
2nd episode from 1972, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs, some credits cut (Grocery/BullseyeI/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 1.7]
3rd episode from 1972, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs, some credits cut (Grocery/BullseyeI/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 1.5]
5th episode from 1972, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Grocery/BullseyeI/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 1.6]
Ep. from 9/15/72, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Grocery/Any#/ClockGm) [TBOTPIR 2.1]
Ep. from 9/28/72, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Grocery/DblBullseye/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 2.2]
Ep. from 11/72, a dog is an IUFB! (BonusGm/Any#/Clock) [RS4.4] GSN
Ep. from 1973, Range Game won by $2! (MoneyGm/GiveKeep/Range) [RS3.10] GSN
Ep. from 7/73, with $325/$326 SC differences! (HiLo/5PT/DblPrices) [RS4.5] GSN
Ep. from 7/13/73, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (5PT/Hi-Lo/ClockGm) [TBOTPIR 2.3]
Ep. from 9/13/73, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Grocery/5PT/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 2.4]
Ep. from 10/30/73, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Any#/GiveKeep/RangeGm) [TBOTPIR 2.6]
Ep. from 11/28/73, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (5PT/Grocery/RangeGm) [TBOTPIR 2.5]
Ep. from 12/31/73, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Tempt/Hi-Lo/MostExp) [TBOTPIR 2.7]
Ep. from 4/22/74, w/slate and ticket plugs (MoneyGm/GiveKeep/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 3.1]
Ep. from 7/9/74, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (RangeGm/5PT/Hi-Lo) [TBOTPIR 3.2]
Ep. from 8/15/74, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs; DSW winner! (Hi-Lo/MoneyGm/DblPrices) [TBOTPIR 3.3]
Ep. from 9/74 (Lucky7/GiveKeep/DblPrices) [RS4.6] GSN
Episode from 1975, reaired on CBS in 2002 (Clock/GiveKeep/Any#) [GS24.2]
James ep. taped 8/11/75, with slate (1RightPrice/Any#/Grocery) [LH3.3]
3rd Anniv. Special from 9/9/75, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Lucky7/Hi-Lo/DblPrices/Card/Shell/Range) [TBOTPIR 3.4]
Ep. from 10/27/75, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs; Bert Convy cameos (Any#/Poker/MostExp) [TBOTPIR 3.5]
Ep. from 10/28/75, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs; Charles Nelson Reilly cameos (Tempt/Grocery/Clock) [TBOTPIR 3.6]
The 1st hour long ep. from 11/3/75, w/slate, ticket, and fee plugs (Golden/Grocery/MostExp/Any#/Poker/GiveKeep) [TBOTPIR 3.7]
Ep. from 12/75, w/"Crying Guadeloupe" (Lucky7/Shell/Clock/MostExp/Card/HiLo) [RS11.1] GSN
Ep. from 1979 (GiveKeep/MoneyGm/RaceGm/Squeeze/HoleIn1/ClockGm) [RS6.11] GSN
Nighttime ep. taped 3/12/80, w/slate (MoneyGm/Cliff/1RP) [DB1.11]
Ep. from 1981 (Lucky7/BBB/CheckOut [debut!]/RaceGm/GiveKeep/Any#) [DB1.7] GSN
Ep. from 1981 (ShellGm/10Chances/Squeeze/Danger/MoneyGm/Bullseye) [DB1.10] OC
Ep. from 1981 (Lucky7/Danger/Punch/MostExp/10Chances/Bullseye) [RS7.2] OC
April Fools ep. from 1981 (Tempt/Danger/Cliff/DblPrices/HitMe/Any#) [RS8.5] GSN
Ep. from 1982, w/a 5PT blooper (Golden/Squeeze/Grand/Take2/5PT/Range) [RS10.5] GSN
Ep. from 1982, w/Bill Cullen cameo (SafeCrk/Holein1/1RP/Poker/Cliff/MoneyGm) [RSK1.2] GSN
Ep. from 1983 with a DSW winner! (MasterKey/Take2/MostExp/SafeCrk/Any#/HitMe) [BF1.1] GSN
Ep. from 1983 (Squeeze/HoleIn1/1RightPrice/WalkofFame[debut!]/Card/BonusGm) [BF1.7] GSN
Ep. from 1983 (Clock/Holein1/WalkofFame/DblPrices/3X/BonusGm) [BF10.5] GSN
Partial ep. from 1983 (GiveKeep/WalkofFame/3X/../../..) [BF1.10] GSN
Ep. from 1983 (SuperBall/1RP/Dice/Danger/Bullseye/3X) [TA1.1] GSN
Ep. from 1983 (SuperBall/Clock/CardGm/MostExp/Grand/1RP) [TA1.2] GSN
Ep. from 1983 (Check/1RP/Holein1/Danger/BonusGm/3X) [RS7.3] OC
Ep. from 1983 (Squeeze/Phone/BBB/Check/5PT/Danger) [RS11.2] GSN
1983 Christmas ep. (MasterKey/Squeeze/WalkofFame/Safe/Bullseye/3X), fair video [RS8.6] GSN
1983 Christmas ep. (Tempt/TraderBob/DblPrices/Take2/DiceGm/NowThen) [DB1.6] GSN
Ep. from 1984 (BBB/OnTheNose/TraderBob/RangeGm/MoneyGm/PennyAnte) [DB1.8] GSN
Ep. from 1984 (MostExp/OnTheNose/Balance/Squeeze/3X/Grand), fair audio/video [VM1.1]
Ep. from 1985, Bob Hilton announces (SuperBall/DiceGm/MostExp/Range/Any#/Grand) [GG1.5]
1986 Primetime ep., Maryella faints! (Any#/SuperBall/MostExp/GrandGm/RaceGm/ShellGm), fair video [PD1.2] GSN
1986 Primetime ep. (MostExp/OneAway/Plinko/Clock/Holein1/Take2), some credits cut [RSK1.8] GSN
Ep. from 1986, w/the Shell Game cheater! (MoneyGm/CheckOut/Squeeze/MostExp/Shell/10Ch), fair video [RS8.7] GSN
April Fool's ep. from 1987 (Lucky7/Danger/PhoneHome/BBB/Any#/Cliff) [ST1.7] OC
Bob's first gray hair ep. from '87 (MostExp/3X/Punch/Take2/PAP/Any#), fair video, mainly B&W [LH2.1]
Ep. from 1988 (Spelling [debut!]/RangeGm/RaceGm/BBB/AddemUp/Grand), a/v slightly out of sync [RS5.6] OC
Ep. from 1988 (5PT/Clock/Danger/BBB/Squeeze/Penny), some credits cut [LS1.3] OC
Ep. from 1988 (Golden/Bump/Plinko/MostExp/MoneyGm/HiLo), Bob destroys the EOTVGS! [LS1.6]
Ep. from 1989 (Bump/HoleIn1/Poker/DblPrices/Punch/OneAway), few seconds of open missing [RSK1.3]
19th Season Premiere from 1990 (Golden/Plinko/Gallery/BBB/Dice/Bullseye) [RSK1.1]
Ep. from 1990 w/a BIG SC error (Golden/Clock/Grand/SafeCrk/DiceGm/GiveKeep) [RS5.7] OC
Partial ep. from 1991? (../Punch/OneAway/Gallery/HoleIn1/..) [BF6.3]
20th Season Premiere from 1991 (3X/Swap/Grand/BBB/Cliff/DblPrices) [RS1.3] GSN
Ep. from 1991 (Spelling/BBB/Gallery/Clock/OneAway/Grocery) [RS11.3]
Ep. from 1991 (Safe/Switcheroo/DblPrices/Bump/HiLo/MYM) [RS11.4]
2nd half of a '92 ep. where 3 contestants are in the row for the entire show! (../../../../Punch/MoneyGm) [TH1.1]
Ep. from 1992 (CheckGm/Pathfinder/BuySell/Squeeze/DiceGm/Bullseye) [TH1.2]
Ep. from 1992, w/Ella's miracle putt! (Credit/HoleIn1/Switch/Squeeze/Lucky7/Cliff) [RS5.4]
Ep. from 1992 (SuperSaver/OneAway/MostExp/Safe/Punch/3X) [RS7.4] OC
Ep. from 1992, 1/2 hour show (Lucky7/Cliff/PAN) [RSK1.6] OC
Ep. from 1994, 1/2 hour show (Lucky7/Plinko/2for1) [VM1.2]
Davidson ep. from 1994 (MoneyGm/RaceGm/Magic#) [DB1.9]
25th Anniversary Special from 8/23/96 (Lucky7/Plinko/OneAway) [SRH1.1] OC
Ep. from 1996, w/a funny HI1 player, fair A/V (Switch/HoleIn1/SBS/BuySell/Punch/OneAway) [RS4.11] OC
Ep. from 1996 (SplitDec/HiLo/Spree/DblPrices/Plinko/MoneyGm) [RS7.5]
Ep. from 1996 w/Brian, the Punchboard daredevil! (RangeGm/Split/Punch/MostExp/10Ch/SuperSaver) [RS8.8]
Ep. from 1996 (Any #/Range/PAP/BuySell/Pathfinder/SBS) [CC DVD 2.3] OC
Ep. from 1996 w/a "Dice Game exacta" (Squeeze/Bullseye/DiceGm/RaceGm/SecretX/MoneyGm) [TM1.11] OC
Ep. from 1997, w/a contestant named Bob Barker! (BBB/HiLo/Money/Markers/Cliff/Any#) [VM1.8] OC
5000th ep. from 1998, every game played for a car (Lucky7/Cliff/Any#/DblPrices/OneAway/5PT) [RS1.14]
Ep. from 1998, contestant shows his college thesis to Bob (1-2-3/Plinko/10Ch/Squeeze/HiLo/MoneyGm) [GG1.6]
Ep. from 9/21/99 (Lucky7/InTheBag/PushOver/1-2-3/OneAway/SecretX) [BF7.1] OC
Ep. from 9/22/99 (Switch/Punch/LineEmUp/BBB/CheckOut/CoverUp), no credits [BF7.2] OC
General ep. from 1999 (2for1/Spelling/1RightPrice/Grocery/1-2-3/CoverUp) [GS36B.1] OC
Ep. from 1999 (Lucky7/Plinko/BBB/PushOver/HiLo/CoverUp) [BF7.5] OC
Ep. from 1999 (Spree/LetEmRoll/Squeeze/2for1/MasterKey/DblPrices) [BF7.6] OC
Ep. from 1999 (SafeCrk/Spelling/Pushover/Penny/Clock/CoverUp) [RS5.5]
1 episode from 2000 [GS7.1] OC
29th Season Premiere from 2001 (Triple [1st playing!]/Plinko/MostExp/DblPrices/Dice/Bullseye) [GS10.9] OC
Ep. from 2001, Kathy "Fingers" Greco cameos (Spree/IITB/Dice/Switch/Any#/Cliff) [RS9.4]
30th Anniversary Show from Las Vegas [GS24.1] OC
Two 2002 Primetime Specials featuring the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines [...] OC
Salute to Firefighters and Police Special from 6/27/02 [GS44.1] OC
32nd Season Premiere from 2003 (Lucky7/TimeisMoney/Pushover/Plinko/Dice/Squeeze) [IM1.11] OC
$1,000,000 Spectacular episode from 5/10/03 (w/a contestant who is one peg away from $1M!) [...] OC
$1,000,000 Spectacular ep. from 5/17/03 (w/another close $1M try!) [...] OC
Ep. from 10/30/03, Rod Roddy tribute at start of show [...] OC
$1,000,000 Spectacular from 12/13/03, celebrating Bob's 80th b'day, Larry King and Chuck Norris stop by, greetings from other CBS shows shown [...] OC
Ep. from 2004, Rich Fields announces (CoverUp/OWP/Plinko/BBB/CardGm/NowThen) [GG1.7]
Ep. from 2004, Rich named permanent announcer (2for1/10Ch/BonusGm/Range/PassBuck/1RP) [GG1.8]
$1,000,000 Spectacular from 5/22/04 [...] OC
33rd Season Premiere from 2004 (Triple/Plinko/MostExp/PAP/MoneyGm/DblPrices) [...] OC
2nd show of 33rd Season from 2004, I'm in the audience! (Lucky7/1/2Off/Spree/Freeze/Dice/Bullseye) [...] OC
3rd show of 33rd Season from 2004 (Spelling/SafeCrk/Clock/FlipFlop/PassBuck/Clearance) [...] OC
4th show of 33rd Season from 2004 (1Wrong/Punch/Any#/ComingGoing/TooMuch/HitMe) [...] OC
5th show of 33rd Season from 2004 (Range/HoleIn1/TakeTwo/1RightPrice/Card/SecretX) [...] OC
6th show of 33rd Season from 2004 (PushOver/3X/InTheBag/BBB/Switcheroo/DblPrices) [GS31.1] OC
$1,000,000 Spectacular from 4/9/05 (Golden/OneAway/InTheBag/ComingGoing/TooMuch/PushOver) [...] OC
4th to last ep. of Season 33, I'm in the audience again! (MoneyGm/Punch/BuySell/DblPrices/CoverUp/NowThen) [GS48.1] OC
3rd to last ep. of Season 33 (Lucky7/InTheBag/Take2/ComingGoing/BonusGm/TooMuch) [...] OC
2nd to last ep. of Season 33 (1/2Off/Clock/MoneyGm/MostExp/HitMe/CoverUp) [...] OC
Last ep. of Season 33 (Clearance/Pathfinder/Freeze/CheckOut/TooMuch/Switch) [...] OC
34th Season Premiere from 9/19/05, I'm in the audience once again! (Golden/1/2Off/PushOver/Switch/Dice/PAP) [GS49.1] OC
$1M Spectacular from 2/14/06, missing intro and Act 1 (Triple/Plinko/MostExp/DblPrices/Grand/Range) [...] OC
Ep. from 6/14/06, I'm in the audience for the 4th time! (../../../../../..) [GS50.1] OC
35th Season Premiere from 9/18/06, w/a new daytime record! (Lucky7/3X/Plinko/Pushover/DblPrices/MostExp) [...] OC
Premiere of "Stack the Deck" from 10/9/06 (SwapMeet/Stack/RangeGm/Pocket/Cliff/SBS) [...] OC
Ep. from 2006 (Switcheroo/Range/1-2-3/1RP/NowThen/OneAway) [RS11.5]
Ep. from 6/11/07, w/slate and credit roll; DSW winner! (GoldenRd/Punch/MostExp/Squeeze/Dice/Hi-Lo) [TBOTPIR 4.1]
Ep. from 6/12/07, w/slate and credit roll, I'm in the audience for the 5th time! (Pushover/HIO/Cliff/Bonkers/Switch?/CoverUp) [TBOTPIR 4.2]
Ep. from 6/13/07, w/slate and credit roll (Check/IITB/MoL/Freeze/OneAway/BBB) [TBOTPIR 4.3]
Ep. from 6/14/07, w/slate and credit roll (Triple/Clock/Grand/1-2-3/MoneyGm/CoG) [TBOTPIR 4.4]
Bob's final ep. from 6/15/07, w/slate and credit roll (Lucky7/Plinko/RangeGm/DblPrices/Grocery/Any#) [TBOTPIR 4.5]

PYRAMID (SYN)- Host: Donny Osmond (2 episodes)
Players describe items that fit into a certain category, then try to win big money in the Winner's Circle!

Premiere ep. from 9/16/02 [...]
Ep. with guests Dick Clark and Betty White from 2002 [MS1.2]

THE $10,000 PYRAMID (CBS)- Host: Dick Clark (9 episodes)

All eps. are from GSN
3 eps. w/ Sandy Duncan and Ed Asner [GS10.1-3]
5 eps. w/ McLean Stevenson & Loretta Swit vs. Anita Gillette & David Spielberg [GS10.4-8]
Ep. w/ Barbara Feldon and John Schuck [GS29.1]

THE $20,000 PYRAMID (ABC)- Host: Dick Clark (8 episodes)

Episode from 1978, Celebs: Anita Gillette and David Letterman [GS24.4] GSN
Episode from 1978, Celebs: Jamie Lee Curtis and George Maharis [GS24.7] GSN
Ep. from 1978, w/ Debralee Scott and Sal Viscuso [CC DVD 5.3] GSN
Ep. w/ Joanne Worley and David Letterman [GS26.2] GSN
Ep. w/ Valerie Bertinelli and Robert Mandan [GS27.2] GSN
Ep. from 1979, w/ Billy Crystal and Sal Viscuso [GS28.2] GSN
Ep. from 1979, w/ Brianne Leary and Tony Danza [GS29.2] GSN
All-Star Junior ep. from 9/2/79, w/Susan Richardson and Tony Danza [LS1.10] OC

THE (NEW) $25,000 PYRAMID (CBS, SYN)- Host: Dick Clark, Bill Cullen (13 episodes)

Cullen ep. from 1974, w/ Anne Meara and Tony Roberts [RS3.9]
Cullen ep. from 1974 w/ Dick Clark and Michelle Lee (fair video) [MM 1.2] OC
Episode from 1982, Celebs: Lynn Redgrave and Billy Crystal [GS24.6] GSN
Ep. from 1983, Celebs: Markie Post and Richard Kline (w/slate, no credits) [RS10.6]
Episode from 1983, Celebs: Melody Thomas and Tony Danza [GS24.3] GSN
Episode from 1983, Celebs: Denise Miller and Michael J. Fox, 3 ties in the first round! [GS24.5] GSN
Episode from 1983, Celebs: Vicki Lawrence and Harry Anderson [GS24.9] GSN
Ep. from 1987, Battle of the CBS Soaps week [GS28.3] GSN
Ep. from 12/7/87, w/ Ilene Graff and Soupy Sales [GS29.3] GSN
Ep. from 1988, w/ Betty White and David Graf [CC DVD 4.3] GSN
Ep. from 1988, w/ Teresa Ganzel and Earl Holliman [GS26.3] GSN
Ep. from 1988, w/ Lucie Arnaz and Joel Brooks [GS27.3] GSN
Final ep. from 1988, Celebs are Robin Riker-Hasley and Charlie Siebert [GS3.9] GSN

THE $100,000 PYRAMID (CBS)- Host: Dick Clark (5 episodes)

All eps. from GSN
Ep. from 1986, w/ LeVar Burton and Shelley Smith, $100K won in 53 seconds! [GS27.4]
Episode from 1987, Celebs: Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson [GS24.8]
Ep. from 1987, w/ Linda Kelsey and Henry Polic II, $100K won in 40 seconds! [GS26.4]
Ep. from 1987, w/ Markie Post and Brian Mitchell, $100K won with 2 seconds left! [GS28.4]
Ep. from 1987, w/ Shelley Smith and Barry Jenner, $100K won in only 27 seconds! [GS29.4]

PYRAMID ["Hast Morde?"] (RTL-Germany)- Host: ??? (1 episode)

General ep. from 1997? [BF9.2]

QUEEN FOR A DAY (NBC)- Host: Jack Bailey (1 episode)
Contestants appear, telling heart-wrenching stories about what they need, and if they win, they are pampered as "Queen".

RARE 45-minute episode from 1958 with 5 contestants instead of the usual 4 [SV DVD #319] SV B&W OC DVD

THE REEL GAME (ABC)- Host: Jack Barry (1 episode)
Contestants answer questions based off of film clips.

Final ep. from 1971, Francee vs. Mark vs. Joyce (w/slate) [RS10.9] OC

REMOTE CONTROL (MTV)- Host: Ken Ober (2 episodes)
Answer TV questions while laying on a Craftmatic adjustable bed!

Ep. from 1987, Mike vs. Corinne vs. Gator [LS1.16]
Ep. from 1988, Bob Eubanks guests, Ted vs. Lisa vs. David [RS2.13]

SALE OF THE CENTURY (NBC/SYN)- Host: Jim Perry (11 episodes, 1 clip)
Where else can you buy a big screen TV for only $8?

Premiere ep. from 1983, Lynn vs. Joel vs. Janice [RSK1.5]
Ep. from 1984, Nanci vs. Bob vs. Dawn [IW1.6] OC
Ep. from 1985, Rita vs. Phillip vs. Linda [CC DVD 4.2] OC
Ep. from 1986, Howard vs. Felice vs. Curtis [CC DVD 3.2]
Partial ep. from 1986, Skip vs. Elaine vs. Curtis, Curtis wins $50,000! [CC DVD 4.5]
Ep. from 1988 "End of Summer Bash", Jason vs. Erin vs. Robert (no credits) [VM1.4]
Ep. from 1988 "End of Summer Bash", Lauren vs. Andy vs. Darcey [VM1.5]
Ep. from 1988 "End of Summer Bash", Alan vs. Jennifer vs. Erik [VM1.3]
Ep. from 1988 "End of Summer Bash", Anne vs. Chris vs. Evelyn [VM1.6]
Ep. from 1989, Noel vs. Christie vs. Jim (fair video) [RS6.6] OC
Final ep. from 1989, John vs. Jody Lee vs. Frank [RS4.3]
45 min. clip compilation of "crucial games" [CC DVD 5.4]

SALE OF THE CENTURY (9 Network-Australia)- Host: Tony Barber (1 episode)

PILOT from 1980, Grant vs. Rosemary vs. Bob [PF DVD 1.1]

SAY WHEN! (NBC)- Host: Art James (1 episode)
Contestants try to buy prizes without going a predetermined dollar amount.

Premiere ep. from 1961, 1st game: Guest vs. Mortensen [TM1.1] B&W

SCRABBLE (NBC)- Host: Chuck Woolery (22 episodes)
"The crossword game you've played all your life, but never quite like this!"

The third ep. from 7/4/84, 1st game: Mary Jo vs. Jack at the sprint [RS1.13] OC
Ep. from 1985, 1st game: Bill vs. Debbie, John Heiner wins $20,000 (no credits) [RS2.15]
Ep. from 1985, 1st game: Craig vs. Denese, John Heiner wins $40,000 (fair video) [RS1.10]
Ep. from 1985, 1st game: Mitch vs. Damita Jo at the sprint (fair video, mainly B&W) [RS3.6]
Ep. from 1985, 1st game: John Heiner vs. Karyn at the sprint (fair video, no fee plugs/credits) [RS3.7]
Ep. from 1985, 1st game: India vs. John Heiner at the sprint (fair video, no fee plugs/credits) [RS3.8]
1985 Tournament of Champs final, 1st game: Annie vs. Jeff, $49,500 win! [RS2.14]
Ep. from 1986, 1st game: Audrey vs. Mike [RS5.8] OC
Ep. from 1987, 1st game: Denise vs. Scott, $10,000 sprint win [RS1.11]
Ep. from 1987, 1st game: Tanya vs. Merc [RS2.3] OC
Ep. from 1987, 1st game: Dorothy vs. Tony [RS2.4] OC
Ep. from 1987, 1st game: Patty vs. Harvey, $6,000 win [RS2.6] OC
Ep. from "GS Hosts Week", w/Peter Tomarken vs. John Davidson, & Chuck vs. Jamie Farr, Marc Summers hosts 2nd half (fair video, mainly B&W) [LH1.1]
Another "GS Hosts" ep., 1st game is Jamie Farr vs. Tom Kennedy (fair video) [ST1.5]
Yet another "GS Hosts" ep., 1st game is John Davidson vs. Jamie Farr, Marc Summers hosts 1st game and Sprint [CC DVD 3.4] OC
Ep. from 1988, 1st game: Breney vs. Bob (jumpy video) [RS1.8]
Ep. from 1988, 1st game: Sheela vs. Bob, Bob retires w/$27,000 (jumpy video) [RS1.9]
Ep. from 1988, 1st game: Charlene vs. Ron (audio/video slightly out of sync) [ST1.8]
Ep. from 1990 (last week), 1st game: Mary vs. Zak [RS5.9]
Final ep. from 3/23/90, 1st game: Debbie vs. George, $6,000 win [RS1.12]
Ep. from 1993, 1st game: Joanne vs. Ryan [RS4.1]
Ep. from 1993, 1st game: Christy vs. John, record 13.8 sprint time is established [RS6.9]

SECOND CHANCE (ABC)- Host: Jim Peck (1 episode)
The predecessor to Press Your Luck.

PILOT from 1976, Maggie vs. Jack vs. Lynn [CC DVD 1.2]

SEVEN KEYS (KTLA-Los Angeles/ABC)- Host: Jack Narz (3 episodes)
Picking the right key could win you a showcase of prizes!

Local ep. from 1960 [SV DVD #957] SV B&W DVD
Local ep. from 1962 (fair video) [RS4.9] B&W
ABC ep. from 1962 [SV DVD #966] SV B&W OC DVD

SHENANIGANS (ABC)- Host: Stubby Kaye (1 episode)
A kids-only version of "Video Village".

General ep. from 1965 [TVG DVD 2.4] OC B&W

SHOOT THE WORKS (NBC)- Host: Geoff Edwards (1 episode)
Players answer two-part riddles in order to win a growing jackpot.

PILOT ep. from 1976, w/Anita Gillette and Bill Cullen [JL2.5]

SIMON SAYS (NBC)- Host: Bob Barker (1 episode)
A giant computer tells facts and anecdotes about the audience; those picked win great prizes!

Unsold PILOT from 1971 [PF DVD 3.4]

THE $64,000 CHALLENGE (CBS)- Host: Sonny Fox (1 episode)
A classic big money 50's quiz show where contestants answer questions in isolation booths!

Episode from 1956 [SV #310] SV B&W OC

THE $64,000 QUESTION (CBS)- Host: Hal March (3 episodes)
See above.

Ep. from 1956, Randolph Churchill (son of Winston Churchill) appears [SV DVD #318] SV DVD B&W OC
Ep. from 1956, w/Virgil Earp (son of Wyatt Earp) going for $32K, occasional tracking issues [...] B&W OC
Ep. from 1956, 1st anniversary ep. w/appearances by former winners [RS11.8] OC B&W

SPLIT SECOND (ABC)- Host: Tom Kennedy (2 episodes)
Rapid-fire quiz show where contestants have a chance to win a car by just starting it up!

Ep. from 1975, Martin vs. Shari vs. Valiant (missing 1st min. of game) [RS2.16]
Final ep. from 1975, Judd vs. Martha vs. Steve (no fee plugs or credits, fair video) [RS2.5] OC

STOP THE MUSIC (ABC)- Host: Bert Parks (1 episode)
Contestants answer as many songs as they can for cash, and a home viewer has a chance to win $10,000!

Episode from 1955 where the home viewer and the contestant split 10 grand! [SV DVD #318] SV DVD B&W OC

STRIKE IT RICH (CBS)- Host: Warren Hull (1 episode)
Contestants in need of help try to win money for their needy families and organizations.

Ep. from 8/26/55 [SV DVD #319] SV B&W OC DVD

STUMPERS (NBC)- Host: Allen Ludden (1 episode)
A variant on "Password", with a chance at $20,000!

Premiere from 1976 w/Robert Reed and Dick Gautier [RS11.10] OC

STUMP THE STARS (CBS)- Host: Pat Harrington, Jr., Mike Stokey (4 episodes)
An updated version of Pantomime Quiz.

Ep. from 1962 w/ the cast of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" [TDVDS, Seas. 2, Vol. 5] B&W OC DVD
Stokey ep. from 1962 w/Barbara Hale, John Forsythe, et al. [TM1.7] OC B&W
Stokey ep. from 1963 w/ the cast of "Perry Mason" [SV #936] SV B&W OC
Stokey ep. from 1963 w/Nick Adams, Paula Prentiss, Ross Martin, Richard Long, et al. [SV DVD #903] SV B&W OC

SUPER JEOPARDY! (ABC)- Host: Alex Trebek (3 episodes)
A summer tournament in 1990, w/ the winner getting $250,000!

Premiere ep., Bob vs. Bruce vs. Steve vs. Oudia [RS2.10] OC
Semifinal ep., Keith vs. Bruce vs. Roger, Bruce wins w/34,001 pts. [RS2.18] OC
Final ep., Bob vs. Bruce vs. Dave [IM1.12]

SUPER MILLIONAIRE (ABC)- Host: Regis Philbin (8 episodes)
An updated version, with a possible $10 million up for grabs!

All 5 eps. from this exciting February 2004 week of shows [...] OC
Nights 4,5, and 7 from May 2004 [...] OC

SUPER PASSWORD (NBC)- Host: Bert Convy (1 episode)
Password, but with higher money amounts.

Final ep. from 3/24/1989, Celebs are Betty White and Christopher Hewitt [GS3.3] GSN

SUPERMARKET SWEEP (Lifetime)- Host: David Ruprecht (2 episodes)
Contestants race around the aisles to win $5,000 in cash!

Premiere ep. from 1990, Gary/Mildred vs. Ron/Mark vs. Doris/Debbie (fair video) [RS10.11] OC
General ep. from 1994, Lana & Nicole vs. Ashley & Emma vs. Jill & Andrew [CC DVD 2.1]

TAKE A GOOD LOOK (ABC)- Host: Ernie Kovacs (2 episodes)
Film clips are shown to help the panel identify the accomplishment that the contestant performed.

Ep. from 1959 with guests Edie Adams, Cesar Romero, and Hans Conried [SV #302] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1960 w/ Cesar Romero, Edie Adams, and Carl Reiner [SV DVD #988] SV B&W OC

TALK ABOUT (SYN)- Host: Wayne Cox (1 episode)
Interesting word game where players try to say all the hidden words about a subject.

Ep. from 1989, w/Geoff Edwards & Steve Skrovan vs. Marc Summers & Scott Nemes [BF8.3]

TATTLETALES (CBS)- Host: Bert Convy (1 episode)
Celebrities see how much they know about their mates.

Ep. w/ Allen Ludden/Betty White, Bill & Ann Cullen, and Chuck Woolery/Jo Ann Pflug [BF8.2] GSN

TEMPTATION (ABC)- Host: Art James (1 episode)
Three contestants each have to pick a different item out of a choice of three in order to win it.

General ep. from 1967 [DA1.4] B&W

THREE ON A MATCH (NBC)- Host: Bill Cullen (5 episodes)
Contestants bid on questions to buy boxes on a gameboard, any 3 matches wins a prize!

General ep. from 1973, Joan vs. Bob vs. Joanne (fair video, missing credits) [RS2.17]
Ep. from 1974, Fred vs. Marilyn vs. Jon [LS1.4] OC
Two consecutive eps. from 1974, Fred vs. Ronni vs. Lynn [TM1.8-9] OC
Ep. from 1974, Fred vs. Ann vs. Art, Geoff Edwards cameo [TM1.10] OC

3,000 POUND QUESTION (7 Network-Australia)- Host: Malcolm Searle (1 episode)
Australia's answer to "The $64,000 Question".

General ep. from 1960? [PF DVD 1.4] B&W

TIC TAC DOUGH (NBC)- Host: Jay Jackson (1 episode)
Contestants try to answer questions while completing a tic-tac-toe on the gameboard.

Primetime ep. from 1957 (no commercials or opening/closing titles) [SV DVD #312] SV B&W DVD

TIC TAC DOUGH (SYN)- Host: Wink Martindale (3 episodes)

Ep. from 1980, Matt vs. Lee, the pot stands at $23,400! [RS6.10] GSN
Ep. from 1980, Thom McKee is defeated [RS8.4] GSN
1,000th ep. from 1983 [GG1.3] GSN

TIME MACHINE (NBC)- Host: John Davidson (2 episodes)
Interesting show that takes you back in time through decades past...

Premiere ep. from 1985, Shannon vs. Barbara vs. Greg [LS1.12] OC
Ep. from 1985, Shirley vs. Barbara vs. Ron [DA1.2] OC

TO SAY THE LEAST (NBC)- Host: Tom Kennedy (1 episode)
Players try to guess the subject of a phrase by having words removed one at a time.

Ep. from 1978, w/Paul Sylvan, Jamie Farr, Ruta Lee, and Sharon Glass [LS1.17] OC

TO TELL THE TRUTH (CBS)- Host: Bud Collyer (12 episodes)
Classic panel show where two people are imposters, but only one has sworn to tell the truth!

PILOT from 1956 w/host Mike Wallace and Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Hildy Parks, and Dick Van Dyke [IM1.9] B&W
Ep. from 1957 w/ Dick Van Dyke, Polly Bergen, Hildy Parks, and John Cameron Swayze [SV DVD #959] SV B&W OC DVD
Ep. from 12/1957 (?) w/ Polly Bergen, Mike Wallace, Hildy Parks, and Dick Van Dyke [KINE TTTT 1.1] OC
Ep. from 1958 w/ Betsy Palmer, Don Ameche, Kitty Carlisle, and Hy Gardner [SV DVD #312] SV B&W OC DVD
General ep. w/ Tom Poston, Betty White, Johnny Carson, and Kitty Carlisle [GS19.2] GSN B&W
Ep. w/ Polly Bergen, Dick Clark, Kitty Carlisle, and Hy Gardner [LH3.2] GSN B&W
Ep. from early 60's w/ Tom Poston, Dina Merrill, Don Ameche, and Kitty Carlisle [KINE TTTT 1.2] OC
Ep. from 1964 w/ Nancy Dussault, Barry Nelson, Ann Sheridan, and Sam Levenson [RS12.11] OC B&W
Ep. from 1966 w/ Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, and Kitty Carlisle (w/slate) B&W OC
Ep. from 1967 w/ Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, and Kitty Carlisle [LH4.9] OC
Ep. from 1967 w/ Mark Goodson guest-hosting and Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, and Betsy Palmer [BM1.9] GSN
Final ep. from 9/9/1968, Panel is Bert Convy, Joanna Barnes, Orson Bean, and Kitty Carlisle [GS3.12] GSN

TOP SECRET (CBS)- Host: Wink Martindale (1 episode)
Neat pilot that almost made it to CBS' lineup!

PILOT taped 3/4/88, Sharon vs. Mike vs. Wendy [ST1.6]

(THE NEW) TREASURE HUNT (SYN)- Host: Geoff Edwards (9 episodes)
66 boxes with prizes or "klunks" are waiting, but only one contains a check for $50,000!

All episodes from GSN

Premiere of "The New" Treasure Hunt from 8/73, 1st Contestant: Sharon (fair audio/video)[RS1.2]
1st Contestant: Lisa, wins a trip to Hawaii [GS6.2]
1st Contestant: Karen, wins a trip to Lima, Peru [GS6.3]
1st Contestant: Karen, retires with $8,881 [GS6.4]
1st Contestant: Janet, retires with $1,737, Marion (2nd contestant) gives away the $50K check! [GS6.5]
1st Contestant: Marion, leaves with $1,915 in cash [GS6.6]
Rose Evans' 1st day, wins $3,417 [GS6.7]
Rose Evans' 2nd day, now has a total of $7,976 [GS6.8]
Rose Evans' 3rd day, the "Jamaica feeling" wins her $50,000!!, retires w/ $57,976! [GS6.9]

TREASURE HUNT (NBC)- Host: Jan Murray (1 episode)
Same premise as above, but with 30 "treasure chests", and fewer "klunks".

General ep. from 3/20/58 with a $3,900 check [SV DVD #317] SV B&W OC DVD

TREASURE ISLE (ABC)- Host: John Bartholomew Tucker (2 episodes)
Couples race around an island to find valuable prizes. The first ever outdoor game show.

Ep. from early in the show's run (1968) [SV DVD #944] SV B&W OC DVD
Another episode from 1968 [SV #872, SV DVD #116] SV B&W OC

TRIVIA TRAP (ABC)- Host: Bob Eubanks (1 episode)
Players answer trivia questions in order to climb the "trivia ladder" for $10,000!

General ep. from 1984 [...] GSN

TRIVIAL PURSUIT (Family Channel)- Host: Wink Martindale (1 episode)
Cool adaptation of the 80's trivia game.

Ep. from 1993, Phyllis vs. Annette vs. Peggy [LS1.14]

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (NBC/SYN)- Host: Jack Bailey, Bob Barker (4 episodes)
Not answering the question could make you face the "penalty"!

Bailey ep. from 1955, first stunt involves singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in foreign tongues [SV DVD #320] SV B&W OC DVD
Bob's first daytime ep. from 12/31/56 (fair video, inactive counter on screen) [LH2.4] B&W OC
NBC ep. from 1961, first stunt involves babies racing for $300 [SV #922] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 1966, unicycle riders appear first [SV #304] SV

TWENTY ONE (NBC)- Host: Jack Barry (6 episodes)
A difficult quiz where two players face off for high amounts of money!

PILOT from 1956, 1st game: Pellavay vs. Swintor [RS12.8] B&W
The classic, infamous, rigged episode from 12/5/1956, where Charles Van Doren beats Herb Stempel! A must-see! [SV #315] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 12/12/56, w/ Van Doren vs. Ms. Lane and Mr. Masters (time code on screen) [LH3.5] B&W OC
Ep. w/ Van Doren vs. Ms. Miller, Van Doren wins $99,000 (time code on screen) [LH3.6] B&W OC
Ep. from 1957, 1st game: Snodgrass vs. Bloomgarden (no end segment) [RS11.9] B&W
An ep. from 7/8/57 between Mr. Craig and Mr. Bloomgarden [SV DVD #319] SV B&W OC DVD

TWISTERS (???)- Host: Jim Perry (1 episode)
A unique game with a shuffleboard table and contestants completing half statements, or "twisters".

Unsold PILOT from 1982 [DA1.1] GSN

TWO FOR THE MONEY (CBS)- Host: Sam Levenson (1 episode)
Two players team up to give answers to questions, as their money multiplies each time!

Episode from 1957, Ed McMahon announces! [SV #310] SV B&W OC

VIDEO VILLAGE (CBS)- Hosts: Monty Hall, Jack Narz (2 episodes)
Adults play a life-size board game on this show.

Narz ep. from 1960, 1st game: Francis vs. Walt [RS9.1] OC B&W
Hall ep. from 1962, 1st game: Beverly vs. Ted (with slate) [RS6.7]

WE'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER (???)- Host: Jack Barry (1 episode)
A dice game with trivia questions, and a possible $25,600 payout!

PILOT from 1975 [SV DVD #116] SV DVD

WHAMMY! THE ALL NEW PRESS YOUR LUCK (GSN)- Host: Todd Newton (7 episodes)
See Press Your Luck.

First 5 episodes of GSN's series [...] GSN OC
2nd Season Premiere from 3/17/03 [...] GSN OC
"Special" episode w/ Ed, Janie, and James Larson from the 1984 episode from 3/17/03 [...] GSN OC

WHAT'S MY LINE? (CBS/SYN)- Hosts: John Daly, Wally Bruner, Larry Blyden (27 episodes)
The panel tries to figure out occupations of ordinary people.

Key: DK-Dorothy Killgallen, AF-Arlene Francis, BC-Bennett Cerf, SA-Steve Allen, MG-Mystery Guest(s)

First episode from 2/2/50, Panel is DK, et al. MG: Phil Rizzuto [GS4.1] GSN B&W
Ep. from 7/19/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Ronald Reagan [GS34.12] GSN B&W
Ep. from 9/6/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and Ted Husing, MG: Roy Campanella [GS35.2] GSN B&W
Ep. from 9/13/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Ava Gardner [GS35.4] GSN B&W
Ep. from 9/20/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Wally Cox [GS35.6] GSN B&W
Ep. from 9/27/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Lena Horne [GS35.8] GSN B&W
Ep. from 10/4/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Gene Autry [GS35.10] GSN B&W
Ep. from 10/11/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Edward G. Robinson (end credits cut off) [GS35.12] GSN B&W
Ep. from 10/18/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Eleanor Roosevelt [GS30.2] GSN B&W
Ep. from 11/8/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Lauren Bacall (ep. has the opening played twice!) [GS30.4] GSN B&W
Ep. from 11/15/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Louella Parsons [GS30.6] GSN B&W
Ep. from 11/22/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Van Johnson [GS30.8] GSN B&W
Ep. from 11/29/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: George Raft [GS30.10] GSN B&W
Ep. from 12/6/53 w/ DK, SA, AF, and BC, MG: Nat King Cole [GS30.12] GSN B&W
Ep. from 2/21/54 w/ DK, SA, AF, and Deborah Kerr, MG: Lucille Ball [SV DVD #305] SV DVD B&W OC
Ep. from 1955 w/ DK, Ernie Kovacs, AF, and Cesar Romero, MG: Julie London [LH4.2] GSN B&W
Ep. from 10/2/55 w/ DK, Robert Q. Lewis, AF, and BC, MG: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz [SV DVD #305] SV DVD B&W OC
Ep. from 2/5/56 w/ AF, Desi Arnaz, DK, and Fred Allen, MG: Kim Novak [SV DVD #305] SV DVD B&W OC
Ep. from 5/10/59 w/ AF, Eamonn Andrews, DK, and BC, MG: Milton Berle and a mystery intruder [LH2.3] GSN B&W
Ep. from 9/20/59 w/ DK, Groucho Marx, AF, and BC, MG: Claudette Colbert [SV #942] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 6/12/60 w/ DK, Tony Randall, AF, and BC, MG: Trapp family from "The Sound of Music" [GS19.1] GSN B&W
Ep. from 1/21/62 w/ DK, Tony Randall, Jane Powell, and BC, MG: Ella Fitzgerald [SV #841] SV B&W OC
Ep. from 2/14/65, 15th Anniversary show w/AF, SA, DK, and BC, MG: Gloria Swanson and the panel's spouses [RS10.12] B&W OC
Ep. from 7/16/67 w/ Sue Oakland, Mark Goodson, AF, and BC, MG: Allen Ludden, Ed McMahon, Gene Rayburn, and Bud Collyer [SV #820] SV B&W OC
Final ep. from 9/3/67 w/ Martin Gabel, AF, SA, and BC, MG: John Daly, plus cameos by Mark Goodson, Bill Todman, & Johnny Olson [GS3.13] GSN B&W
Bruner ep. from 1969 w/ Soupy Sales, Ruta Lee, Alan Alda, and AF, MG: Bud Collyer, bright video [LH4.3] GSN
Blyden ep. from 1974 w/ Soupy Sales, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Gene Rayburn, and AF, MG: Richard Dawson [LH4.4] GSN

WHAT'S THIS SONG? (NBC)- Host: Win(k) Martindale (1 episode)
A variant of "Name That Tune", with celebs helping contestants sing two lines of a song.

Ep. from 1965, w/ Mel Torme and Carol Lawrence [SV DVD #988] SV OC

WHAT'S YOUR BID? (ABC)- Host: Leonard Rosen ["Liberal Bill"] (1 episode)
Audience members bid on items, the price of which is donated to a charity.

General ep. from 1953 [AH1.1] B&W OC

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (NBC/SYN)- Host: Chuck Woolery, Pat Sajak (11 episodes)
The classic show...spin the wheel, buy a vowel, solve the puzzle!

Ep. from 1979, Gwen vs. Bryan vs. Anita [TM1.3] OC
Ep. from 12/31/79, Lou vs. Allan vs. Jackie [TM1.4] OC
Ep. from 1980, Charline vs. Becky vs. Les [RS12.3] OC
Ep. from 1980, Mazel vs. Bob vs. Kevin [RS12.5] OC
Ep. from 1980, Paul vs. Diane vs. Cathy [RS12.7] OC
NBC Woolery ep. from 6/20/80, Ken vs. Linda vs. Charlotte (shaky video at times) [IW1.5] OC
1983 ep., Tina vs. Janet vs. Tim [IM1.10]
1985 ep., Steve vs. Christina vs. Debra, Steve puts money on account twice! [BF7.4] GSN
General ep. from 1989, Manuel vs. Cathy vs. Claire, $25,000 win! (no credits) [GS22.2] GSN
1995 ep. from Teen Week, Krista vs. Cameron vs. Melissa [BF4.2]
4000th ep. from 2003, no gameplay, just clips! [RS3.2]

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Channel 7-Australia)- Host: John Burgess (1 episode)

General ep. from 1990 (audio/video slightly out of sync) [ST1.10]

WHEEL OF FORTUNE ["Glucksrad"] (SAT1-Germany)- Host: ??? (1 episode)

General ep. from 1996? [BF9.1] OC

WHEEL OF FORTUNE ["Rad Van Fortuin"] (VTM-Belgium)- Host: ??? (1 episode)

General ep. from 2004 [ST1.12]

Neat geography game, where kids play for a trip anywhere in the U.S.

PILOT from 1991, Jerrylyn vs. Prashant vs. Mike, some odd rule changes [BF6.1]

WHEW! (CBS)- Host: Tom Kennedy (5 episodes)
Neat game where the champs face the "Gauntlet of Villians" for $25,000!

Ep. from 1979, 1st game: Howard at the Gauntlet [GG1.4] OC
Ep. from 1979, 1st game: Randy at the Gauntlet [IM1.13]
Ep. from 1980, w/Robert Vaughn and Marcia Wallace, $25K win! [RS7.7] OC
Ep. from 1980, next-to-last show w/Betty White and John Saxon, 1st game: Mona vs. Chris (fair video) [RS9.5]
Final ep. from 1980, w/Betty White and John Saxon, 1st game: Stephanie vs. Stephen [RS11.11]

WHO DARES WINS (7 Network-Australia)- Host: Mike Whitney (6 episodes)
Australians do crazy stunts in order to win trips.

All these eps. are from GSN
1997 ep, main dare involves riding a bike over a beam between 7-story buildings [GS20.1]
1997 ep, main dare involves being a rodeo clown [GS20.2]
1996 ep, main dare involves traversing head first down a dam [GS20.3]
1997 ep, main dare involves riding through rapids [GS20.4]
1997 ep, main dare involves riding in a NASCAR [GS20.5]
1997 ep, main dare involves spinning 30 floors from a crane [GS20.6]

WHO DO YOU TRUST? (ABC)- Host: Johnny Carson (1 episode)
See "Do You Trust Your Wife?"

General ep. from 1957 [TVG DVD 1.4] OC B&W

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? (ABC)- Host: Regis Philbin (1 episode, 1 clip)
15 questions correct could make you a millionaire!

Gary Gambino goes for the first ever $2 million question, walks with the $500,000 (aired 3/1/01, 10 min. clip) [GS6.1] OC
Final aired primetime ep. from 2002 [...] OC

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? (SYN)- Host: Meredith Vieira (1 episode)

Premiere ep. from 9/16/02 [...] OC

THE WHO, WHAT, OR WHERE GAME (NBC)- Host: Art James (1 episode)
Answer a question from the three 'W''s and wager enough money to win.

General episode from 1970, Greg vs. Clare vs. John [CC DVD 1.3]

WIN, LOSE, OR DRAW (SYN)- Host: Bert Convy (1 episode)
Draw pictures of objects, and you could win big money!

First ep. GSN aired [...]

WINNING LINES (CBS)- Host: Dick Clark (10 episodes)
49 contestants are eventually whittled down to 1, and that person goes to the "Wonderwall" for a chance at $1 Million!

Premiere ep. from 1/8/00, Catherine wins $500,000! [MS2.3] OC
Ep. from 1/15/00, Lara wins $70,000 [GS5.1] OC
Ep. from 1/21/00, Hope wins $100,000 [MS1.5]
Ep. from 1/22/00, Mike wins $400,000 [GS5.2] OC
Ep. from 1/22/00, Jenifer strikes out [GS5.3] OC
Ep. from 2/4/00, David wins $25,000 [GS5.4] OC
Ep. from 2/5/00, Randy wins $200,000 [GS5.5] OC
Ep. from 2/12/00, Vanessa wins $50,000 (no credits) [IW1.3]
Ep. from 2/18/00, Crystal wins $30,000 [GS5.6] OC
Ep. from 2/18/00, Ahmad wins $90,000 [GS5.7] OC

WINNING STREAK (NBC)- Host: Bill Cullen (1 episode)
An interesting game where players from words and uncover letters.

Only existing ep. from 1975?, 1st game: Paul at the Bonus Round [IM1.3] GSN

YOU BET YOUR LIFE (NBC)- Host: Groucho Marx (2 episodes)
A comedy quiz with the one, the only...Groucho!

Ep. from 1953, the secret word is "door" [TVG DVD 2.2] B&W
Ep. from 1954, the secret word is "food" [TVG DVD 2.1] OC B&W

YOU DON'T SAY! (NBC)- Host: Tom Kennedy (5 episodes)
Contestants try to guess names by listening to clues that closely sound like that person's name.

5th episode from 4/5/63, w/Betty White and Barry Sullivan [JL1.4] B&W OC
Primetime ep. from 1964, w/ Laraine Day and Michael Landon [SV DVD #977] SV B&W
Color ep. from 1967, w/ Pat Carroll and Mel Torme [SV DVD #944] SV OC DVD
Ep. from 1968, w/ Jaye P. Morgan and Rod Serling (fair audio/video, missing credits) [AH1.4]
Ep. from 1969, w/ Tina Cole and Don Grady [LH4.8] OC

YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION (NBC)- Host: Monty Hall (1 episode)
A game similar to "To Tell the Truth."

Ep. from 1962, where Monty guest hosts for Bill Leyden, Jerry Mathers guests [SV DVD #966] SV B&W OC DVD

YOU'RE IN THE PICTURE (CBS)- Host: Jackie Gleason (2 episodes)
Panelists stick their heads in holes and try to guess what they portray. Seriously.

Premiere (and only) ep. from 1961 (w/time code) [RS9.2] OC B&W
The "apology" ep. from the following week (w/time code) [RS9.3] OC B&W

YOURS FOR A SONG (ABC)- Host: Bert Parks (1 episode)
Contestants sing lyrics to songs, filling in missing words and winning cash.

General ep. from 1963 [SV DVD #966] SV B&W OC DVD


CBS 1974 Game Show Promos

3 minutes of great promos for CBS' summer game shows, including The Joker's Wild, Match Game '74, Gambit, The Price is Right, Now You See It, and Tattletales! (fair video) [IW1.12]

NBC 1975 "Fun in the Morning" Promo

A 30-second spot featuring "Celebrity Sweepstakes", "Hollywood Squares", "High Rollers", "Wheel of Fortune", "The Magnificent Marble Machine", and "Jackpot", oddly enough, with no voiceover! [KINE 60s-70s Promos]

The Soupy Sales Show

10 minute clip of Soupy playing "$20,000 Pyramid", Dick Clark cameos [BF5.4]


A 1981 documentary about "Let's Make A Deal", pilot clips, interviews, and behind the scenes shots throughout! (90 min.)

TV's Funniest Game Show Moments

Two specials from 1984, hosted by William Shatner (fair video, mainly in B&W) [LH4.6,7]

Mama's Family (NBC)

Ep. where the Harpers go on "Family Feud", Betty White and Richard Dawson guest star [BF8.4]
Clip where the family plays a home game of $25K Pyramid [BF8.6]

Entertainment Tonight

Two segments called "The Game Show Game", from 1986 [BF8.6]

Instant Recall

6 minute clip from 1990, interesting local show with a look back at the first TPIR show [BF8.5]

The American Experience (PBS)

Originally aired in 1991, "The Quiz Show Scandal" covers the outbreak of the scandals with interviews from Herb Stempel,
Dan Enright, Jack Narz, and more [LH3.7]

Family Matters (ABC)

1992 ep., "Surely You Joust", where Carl and Urkel face off on "American Gladiators" [BM1.5]

"Easy Money" by John Ricci, Jr.

Neat 3 minute piece, a compilation of clips set to "Easy Money" by Billy Joel [BF8.6]

Club AM

5 minute clip from 1995, an interview with the Game Show Convention guys [BF4.1] GSN

A&E's "Biography"

5 ep. series from 1999, includes Vanna White, Bob Barker, Monty Hall, Regis Philbin and Merv Griffin. [GS2.1-5]
"TV Game Shows" from 2006 [GS54.1]
"Jeopardy!" from 2006 [GS54.2]

Behind The Scenes of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

One hour ABC special from 2000 that shows how the show is made, one contestant's experience at the show, clips from foreign versions of Millionaire, and more! [GS10.1]

Saturday Night Live: Best of Game Show Parodies (NBC)

1999 special that includes "Jeopardy! 1999", "$100,000 Jackpot Wad", and more! (slight tracking problems in middle of show) [BM1.8]

Time and Again (MSNBC)

A 2000 episode that focuses on game shows, some interviews and foreign clips included! [IW1.4]

The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments (NBC)

Aired in Spring 2002, some funny clue related moments, hosted by Wink Martindale, Peter Marshall, Jim Lange, Bob Eubanks, and Ben Stein! (fuzzy picture throughout) [GS23.1]

The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 2 (NBC)

Aired on 2/11/03, another special from NBC hosted by Bob Eubanks. More funny clips and laughs in this volume. [...]

Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (GSN)

2 hour GSN Documentary from 3/16/03, includes the full Michael Larson reign of terror episode, plus interviews from Ed, Janie, Peter Tomarken, and others! Great show! [...]

The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 4 (NBC)

Aired on 5/6/03, the 4th special from NBC hosted by Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery. Same old routine... some new clips added. [...]

The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 5 (NBC)

Aired on 5/13/03, the 5th special from NBC w/ same hosts as above, not as good, in my opinion. (Missing last 15 min. or so) [...]

Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned

Premiere of GSN's "reality" show from 6/15/03 [GS40.2] OC GSN

Network Fall Preview Presentations (Shokus Video)

A 1974 ABC Fall Preview reel, contains a 30-second segment on their daytime game shows (~30 min. total) SV

Network Fall Previews, II (Shokus Video)

A 1970 ABC Fall Preview reel, with two short clips from "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Newlywed Game" (~30 min. total) SV

Classic TV Show Openings (Shokus Video)

Two clips from intros of game shows, one from the kid's show "Shenanigans" with Stubby Kaye, and "The Newlywed Game" with Bob Eubanks SV

Game Show Moments Gone Bananas 2 (VH1)

Hosted by Ben Stein, another clip compliation (aired 5/28/05) with some great new clips, and audience games in between. OC

Game Show Moments Gone Bananas 5

The 5th episode in the series. GSN

Game Show Marathon (CBS)

Episode 1: The Price is Right (5/31/06) [GS51.1]
Episode 2: Let's Make a Deal (6/1/06) [GS51.2]
Episode 3: Beat the Clock (6/7/06) [MS2.1]
Episode 4: Press Your Luck (6/8/06) [MS2.2]
Episode 5: Card Sharks (6/15/06) [GS52.2]
Episode 6: Match Game (6/22/06) [GS52.3]
Episode 7: Family Feud (6/29/06) [GS53.2]

50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time (GSN)

Episode 1: #50, #49 (7/18/06) [GS54.3]
Episode 2: #48, #47, #46 (7/19/06) [GS54.4]
Episode 3: #45, #44, #43, #42 (7/20/06) [GS55.1]
Episode 4: #41, #40, #39, #38 (7/25/06) [GS55.2]
Episode 5: #37, #36, #35 (7/26/06) [GS55.3]
Episode 6: #34, #33 (7/27/06) [GS55.4]
Episode 7: #32, #31, #30, #29 (8/1/06) [GS55.5]